The Guest

The indie comes stomping; this is attested by numerous titles that come from the creative minds of many entrepreneurs who try to break through AAA games and multimillion dollar projects, betting on mechanics and genres that are far from established to satisfy those users who seek that “something else ” And The Guest is not the exception. Work of the young

Grim Dawn

Madrid studio Team Gotham next to 505 Games, this new first-person adventuretakes us to a dark and battered hotel room in the mid-80s,

Fallout 4

in the shoes of a disoriented doctor who will have to solve a bunch of riddles while discovering an interesting and intelligent plot. Discover more about a title that will encourage us to squeeze our brains, a nod to the golden age of the genre adapted to current times both in its presentation and its development.

First person exploration game
This is how its makers define their remarkable debut on Steam after a first casual title for smartphones and tablets, Cooking Time.


Thus, our protagonist, Dr. Leonov, has been invited to a scientific conference in the city of Boston. There are many questions and it will be our task to find the answers; and that is that the approach can not be more encouraging, since we woke


up in a cold and sordid hotel room in the middle of a rainy night, surrounded by a handful of clues that we must begin to order to “escape” from there. Scraps of newspapers and magazines, handwritten notes and objects to collect in an almost infinite inventory. Not in vain, The Guest bets for a typical development of graphic adventure, in which we will accumulate objects and information in order to tie the knots and keep moving forward.

The Guest (OSX) screenshot

The Guest (OSX) screenshotThe Guest (OSX) screenshot

The exploration will be vital, as well as trying to combine objects to solve the puzzle of turn. To tell the truth, the difficulty is not very high except for some other more elaborate puzzle, although we can move forward without major complications as long as we


pay attention to all its possibilities, which are not few; to it also contributes a careful and insightful narrative that will awaken the interest of the player to know more and discover the reasons why we are in such a strange -a


nd even sinister- situation. But do not be deceived; Despite its visual similarities with works like PT or the most recent Layers of Fear,


The Guest does not bet on fear or scares, but rather onthe exploration and the puzzles in their simplest format -and in turn intelligent- to give us a fable that will hook us from the start.