Nightmares of the night shift

 Uncanny Valley review

There is always something fascinating and terrible in the night shift, at least for those who have never really done it. Excluding the physiologically devastating consequences of such a form of work, the idea of ​​watching while the sleeping world makes one think of the fact of visiting a parallel, overturned world dominated by a great dark quiet that tastes of freedom and reflection.

Nightmares of the night shift

Or it can show a different aspect of the world, pierce the veil of conformism illuminated by the sun and bring out disquieting shadows, able to obsess and throw the seed of doubt on the real nature of life and all that. The latter, unfortunately for the protagonist Tom, is the declination taken from the night shift staged in  uncanny valley steam.

Which shows the other possible face of the world experienced by the “people of the night”, far more disturbing than the romantic vision sung by Jovanotti in the 90s, apparently. Some problems Tom seems to


have it even regardless of the new work undertaken, to be honest, since for some time he finds himself obsessed with nightmares in which he is chased by mysterious shadow creatures with bright eyes, which seem decidedly badly intentioned.


Given the situation, perhaps the choice to be a night watchman at a large mysterious company in the middle of the forest could be at least questionable for his sanity, but we are not here to trade on the choices made by people to make ends meet, other part.


Uncanny Valley is an adventure with survival horror elements that tells the story of Tom, a great company night man and a man with an obscure past , staging his night watch sessions at the mysterious technological complex and its slow descent to a nightmare with supernatural elements.

The horror of Uncanny Valley gradually reveals itself and for this reason it is particularly disturbing

Uncanny Valley walkthrough


Uncanny Valley contains only 12 unlockable goals, all quite rich, sharing the loot of the 1000 standard points.


Given the structure of the game, all achievements are linked to progression in history and to reaching particular conditions. For some it is necessary to return to the game after the first run, but this on the other hand is also required to complete the story.


The game is framed to the side and takes place on a single two-dimensional plane, in a flattened perspective in line with the minimalist style adopted by the developers.


For the rest, the mechanics is the classic adventure of point and click, with direct control of the character and the ability to interact with various sensitive objects of the scenario. It is clear that the enigmas are not really the focal point of the experience of  uncanny valley game, which is mainly focused on the narration, even if staged in a rather atypical way.


Beyond the dull dialogue, the story is lived through the dreams and the visions of the protagonist, while a substratum of stories intersected with the main one is obtained from emails and documents that can be read around the large factory where Tom works ,Gone Home or Stasis , to stay within the horror genre.


The uncanny valley game story is structured in such a way as to require to be completed several times, and following different paths, to get to know every aspect , unravel the many mysteries that surround Tom and reach more explicit endings, but to investigate thoroughly you must also act out from the imposed schemes and perform actions that fall outside the orders given to the protagonist and his skills.

Nightmares of the night shift

As seen in The Stanley Parable,  uncanny valley ps4 challenges the player to try new paths and discover secrets that are not conveniently positioned along a predetermined path.


On the other hand, no limits are placed on the player’s actions, with the rhythm given exclusively by the working hours, after which Tom falls asleep, and the exploration session inevitably ends with the beginning of a new session of assorted nightmares.


So we find ourselves using waking hours trying to carry out our own investigations on the mysteries of the employer and on the nightmares that trouble the protagonist, choosing from time to time where to go and what to do in a non-linear structure.


The actions taken have direct consequences in the continuation of the adventure and can have an indelible effect on the final , this is also why it is necessary to relive the entire journey several times to see what is possible tochange compared to what was done previously.


A very good idea that however tends to be a bit ‘dispersive, just for this lack of indications and logical connections that can indicate the way to go, making the progression from day to day and from game to game a little haphazard.