The Good Life, the new creator game of Deadly Premonition and D4

Good life to everyone
In this generic RPG you will impersonate Naomi, a professional photographer in New York who finds himself locked in Rainy Woods, a forgotten town in rural England. The girl is forced to repay a large debt contract, so she will have to work hard and accept commissions to earn the money needed to settle it once and for all and to bear the daily expenses in what is considered the happiest citizen of the world.
Rainy Woods has secrets: during one of his business days, Naomi went to the corpse of Elizabeth, the solitary daughter of the village pastor, once forced to move into a wheelchair.Trapped by a medieval sword and found near a river, Elizabeth was undoubtedly a victim of murder.
Naomi then decides to investigate, thus coming into contact with the bizarre inhabitants of the country, including an alcoholic priest, a neurosurgeon hating children, a sexton who is suffering from insomnia, a coward firefighter, and several other characters who appear to have come out seriously mind of David Lynch.
Apart from the fact that everyone has different daily routines, each having his own personality and leading his life differently from others, and that gaming events change according to the time of day, time and seasons, the peculiarity is that all who are at Rainy Woods at night become cats (including the protagonist).
When that happens, you will be able to move freely along the city, hunt mice and fish, look for key clues to come to the forefront of the affair and access areas that will be blocked during the daytime.
The narrative structure could therefore be divided into two trunks: on the one hand, Naomi finds himself in a strange case of murder, all of them are potentially suspected, as soon as they discover the plot’s development, one has to find out what the citizens did on the day of tragedy and finally find the killer; On the other hand, Naomi has to make money to make photos and part-time work, listen to customer requests, and complete all the activities planned to secure the debt. When different conditions are met at the same time, you will witness changes and dialogues will change, meaning that the player is doing everything as it should.
The Good Life, the new creator game of Deadly Premonition and D4
Happy city
How will life in the city and what do you have to do exactly?
As Naomi is a professional photographer, it is clear that one of the basic activities will be to take snapshots on demand, meeting certain conditions. Making rare and quality photos will bring you higher cash figures, so you will not be mindful of improvising or having the easy and repeated shots.
You will have to “aim” by holding the car firmly, be careful of the tremors, focus the lens and capture the best scene. Some missions will be on time, other seasonal, and in general it seems that the variety will not be missed at all.
The results, however, can only be learned once you come home and have developed the photos, so be careful not to be too rash and imprecise. To get the most out of your work tool, you can buy pieces that improve speed, reach, sensitivity, reduce blur, or take pictures faster; but you will also have to manage your finances because, among the money you give away to extinguish your debt and expenses, management jobs will certainly fail.
There will be also the part-time work that we have already mentioned: Naomi can do the barman, hide the sheep, deliver milk, and do other rural jobs.
Considering that the game takes into account the passing of the seasons, there will be no special themed events where you will have to earn the loaf, with opportunities that can quickly increase your fortune. But beware: fatigue, hunger, and thirst will make you feel, so you will have to meet Naomi’s primary needs before the forces abandon him.
And do not forget that at night, when the mysterious transformation into cats becomes reality, they will change different gaming dynamics, giving the user a completely different perspective than usual.