The Golf Club 2

In The Golf Club 2 lovers of this sport will be able to enjoy a title of clear character simulator, although from now we must make it clear that it does not enjoy any type of licenses , so that both the players and the fields and clubs are totally fictitious Obviously due to this lack the game loses some realism and authenticity, that is unquestionable, but fortunately the rest of the elements that the game holds compensate this small inconvenience.


The title presents an interesting range of game modes and options, including one that seems to be no longer missing in any sports simulator of any kind. I’m talking about the Career mode , of course, a very suggestive modality that is also relatively flexible.


In it we must try to carve a future in the world of golf, being able to participate in campaigns designed to measure, something that I personally liked a lot. And as we win tournaments or perform remarkable performances, we get various rewards as a more comprehensive and solvent equipment.


Many different options

However, the most suggestive option of all may be the possibility of recreating our own routes. For this occasion the developers have enabled new tools and options so that it is possible to design golf courses in a more credible way. A fairly adequate way to compensate for the lack of official licenses to create the real routes that satisfy us most and excite us. But th

e best thing is that we can enjoy all the fields that the community of this saga has designed and, according to its designers, it is possible to get to plant in one hundred thousand unique fields, a figure that as you can imagine I could not verify but that, although not be all real, what is clear is that there is much to discover in this regard.


The Golf Club 2 analyzes

Before enjoying the competition, it is convenient to visualize the tutorial that explains the details of the control system and other aspects of the game.

We can also play online (up to four players) and, another interesting offer, compete representing a certain club against others and try to go up positions in the online ranking . A fairly simple but attractive way to create a faithful and solid community around this work.


Regarding its playable approach, the control system is as simple as it is profound if we want to squeeze all its possibilities. At the beginning it is possible to decide if we want to use the right or left stick to perform the swings, approaches and other hits, being necessary to take it from the back to the front in the smoothest possible way and with the correct ti


ming to get clean and well directed shots. We can also hit the ball at different points to obtain effects or get it to describe arcs of different heights in the air, as well as to place the feet as we wish to direct the ball with greater precision. A compendium of options and details that bring authenticity to a very technical sport already in itself.


The Golf Club 2 PC

Thanks to its Field Designer mode we can create our own routes

It does not stand out in any way and is not revolutionary, rather the opposite, but it is undeniable that we are facing a very complete and entertaining simulator. It could have been something more ambitious in some aspects, but considering that there are hardly any golf games (as also happens with tennis, etc.), the followers will have to settle.


The Golf Club 2

We can be part of a club and compete online competitions representing that team.

Technically it is a somewhat irregular simulator, which gives one lime and one sand. The highlight is the modeling of golfers and thei


r animations, which are not bad. What happens is that the scenarios are somewhat lacking in detail and, in addition, it is possible to appreciate the sudden appearance of certain elements. I expected a more important qualitative jump in this second edition of the HB Studios game, but unfortunately I was left with the desire.


The sound section is at an even level, although the characteristics of the game itself, is not that it is the highlight of the title. The tutorial and the tips to hit the ball have been doubled (with Spanish subtitles), the sound effects comply (although the sound that the ball emits when contacting the grass is not very credible) and the soundtrack does not become annoying.