The genius with long hair

 Shantae half genie hero review


One night the girl is awakened by a noise and follows its origin, finding herself talking with a light that transmits a message from the world of magic and that warns against an imminent threat.


The initial scenario serves as a hub for the various missions, which  shantae half genie hero steam can access by visiting her friend Sky and being carried in the air by her huge feathered, Wrench, to reach new destinations that are unlocked as you progress through history.


Once in place, the action takes on the connotations of a traditional horizontal scrolling platform, with hordes of enemies to fight using the classic heroine “blow of the head” or some spells learned along the way, objects to find and huge bosses to defeat.


The latter are undoubtedly one of the strong points of the game: in all cases they boast disproportionate dimensions, a particularly successful design and well-differentiated attack patterns, which must be learned from time to time to avoid damage and to understand when and how to retaliate. .

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is a title that excites fans of the WayForward series

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The initial stages of  shantae half genie hero are exciting: the colorful graphics, the excellent use of cel shading, the particularly fluid animations of the characters and the extraordinary soundtrack, enriched by a song sung, draw an exceptional picture, which involves and turns a blind eye to the implications of some concessions that the developers wanted to do in the “old school”.

The genius with long hair

We talk about things like the lack of a map and clear directions, which inevitably create dead moments where you do not know what to do and where to go, while the indications of a character in Scuttle Town can help as not to suggest anything useful.


The thing should be framed in the larger framework of a structure that makes a massive use of backtracking: the new scenarios must be conquered with difficulty, but often you have to go back on paths already widely beaten (also meeting the same enemies inside them) interact with certain NPCs or to find hidden objects, whose identification is closely linked to the transformations in our possession.


One of the key factors of Shantae’s gameplay: Half-Genie Hero is in fact the dance that the girl-genius can perform and that allows her to take many forms, all of course to be unlocked during the adventure: a monkey able to climb on walls,an elephant that does not fear the gusts of wind and can destroy certain barriers, a mouse that can sneak into tiny ducts, a siren that can swim freely in the water, a spider that can adhere to the ceilings and even a ‘flying harpy flapping their wings, whose skills will come in handy especially in the final stages of the campaign.

 shantae half genie hero release date

Release dates The whole worldDecember 20, 2016 
The whole world June 8, 2017 


The system developed by WayForward is solid and consistent, interfacing powers and level design to bring us those situations where you find yourself in front of a narrow passage, a wall in a river in a scenario, but only after having acquired a certain skill, one understands how it is possible to overcome them.

The genius with long hair

On the level of the quotes could be that excited about: the little monkey that does the wall kick to move from wall to wall in the absence of platforms reminiscent of the protagonist of Guacamelee! ,


A pair of boss make clear reference to the rotating tower of the classic Castle of Illusion and the inertial mechanism harpy flight, as well as the stage in which this capacity is used to bottom, mentioning the unforgiving mobile game Flappy Bird .


Sure, at first it is not easy to relate to the location of some structure, in particular those from the vertical development, appearing a lot ‘convoluted and that we must explore several times potersene make a mental map. In general, however


,the internships are a bit ‘(six, in addition to the main hub) and the forced backtracking gives the idea of ​​an expedient designed solely to lengthen the duration of a campaign that ends in five hours or less , where you decide to use a special power that allows you to skip entire portions of scenery.


Completed the game (which offers at least two different endings) you can relive the adventure with the Hero Mode or, with an update coming soon, play as Risky Boots and use his skills instead of those of Shantae.