The future of Star Wars in the clutches of Mickey Mouse: From Mandalore to Knights of the Old Republic

Studio Disney so far just starting to develop a franchise “star Wars“. This was stated by the head of the company Bob Iger. As emphasized by the top manager, the corporation Mickey mouse already achieved a lot thanks to the launch of a new trilogy, but does not intend to stop.

In particular, two theme parks were launched. Galaxy’s Edge in California and Florida. Iger added that on integration Lucasfilm Disney’s structure took time, but more films, TV shows, and other projects are expected in the future.

“We started thinking in the long run. Not only about satisfying the interests of our fans in the short run, but also about what can happen in the long run. It seems to me that the future is much broader than we expected, so there’s still more ahead a lot of interesting things, “said a senior manager at The star wars show.

Note that the statement by Bob Iger is discordant with his earlier statements. After the failure of the film “Han Solo: Star Wars. Stories“The head of Disney said the company was in a hurry with the development of the franchise, so after the release of the ninth episode, it intends to take a break.

At the same time, the launch of Galaxy’s Edge amusement parks could not attract the sufficient audience that Disney was counting on. To the draft chapter of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy spent about a billion dollars, but many strategic mistakes were made during the implementation (poor location, lack of connections with old trilogies, selling low-quality goods, and so on) that led to the dismissal Katherine Powell as president Disney parks west and liquidation of the post itself. This did not improve the situation: the launch of the second attraction “Resistance Rise“turned out to be a complete failure (a number of incidents involving tourists stuck for several hours in trolleys are reported).

However, in 2019 there was an improvement in the situation. Despite a poor start and mixed reviews, “Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise“can still raise a billion dollars (although the franchise has completely lost the Chinese market for itself, but before the fees”Awakenings of power“The ninth episode is very far). In addition,”Mandaloretz“became the flagship streaming service project Disney +, which was favorably received by the audience. Interestingly, the series was behind a new team of creators, which was not under complete control by Kennedy.

It is possible that Eiger had in mind precisely the development of the serial direction. In 2023, Disney + will release the second season of “Mandalorets” and the long-awaited seventh season of the animated series “The Clone Wars“. A series about Obi-Wan Kenobi and series about Cassian andor (movie character “Outcast One“). Rumors are also reporting a new project dedicated to the doctor Chelly Afre (comic book character Marvel)

For new films, the chapter Marvel studios Kevin Feige oversees his own separate movie based on Star Wars, and the producer Laeta Kalogridis attached to the project based on Knights of the old republic (the ninth episode not only broke the new canon of Disney, but also introduced it Darth Revan), which can give rise to a whole trilogy. It is not excluded that the previously announced new trilogy from Ryan Johnson was completely closed. But controversial projects, too, have not gone away. For example, a rumor has recently appeared about a separate film about Ray Palpatine, in which she will prepare a new generation of Jedi.

Gloom covers the near future of Kathleen Kennedy herself, which fans consider the main architect of the franchise crisis. Her contract expires in 2023, and the top manager does not know whether it will be renewed.

According to sources The hollywood reporter, the studio can go under the control of the director John Favreau (“Iron Man”, “Mandalorets”, “The Lion King”), heads of animation projects Deuva filoni (The Clone Wars, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Mandaloretz) and senior vice president of television production Michelle Reggian (Star Trek: Retribution, Super 8, Awakening of Power). However, there has recently been a rumor that Disney is looking for a female manager to be the head of Lucasfilm.

Changes have even affected the game direction. Disney now has an exclusive agreement to develop games based on Star Wars (a monopoly on projects for Android and iOS not registered) c Electronic arts (EA) However, the publisher in the past was not the best with regard to its projects. So, released in 2015 multiplayer shooter Battlefront from studio Dice was clearly made in a hurry – in time for the release of “Awakening of power.” And the sequel generally became a catalyst for the crusade of the gaming community against lootboxes.

In parallel, the story-oriented action was completely restarted. Project ragtag, which led to the departure from EA director Amy Hannig and studio death Visceral. However, this did not save the game – in January 2019, information appeared about the final closure of Ragtag (renamed Orca), which was transmitted EA Vancouver.

As a result, only shareware MMOs developed relatively dynamically. The old republic. Brainchild Bioware austin all these years was brewed in its own broth (the game is connected with the old canon George Lucas, but not with a new one from Disney) and even received several major additions dedicated to the Sith Emperor Vishait, but the patient is gradually dying.

However, Disney’s management remained quite a collaboration with EA. Despite the scandals, the games diverged in millions of copies, becoming an additional platform for the promotion of the franchise. However, changes overtook this segment. This is clearly seen on the shooter Battlefront 2, which got rid of paid lootboxes and has been kept afloat for more than two years, receiving all new updates, maps, heroes and whole modes.

And the decision to entrust Respawn with a single game Jedi: Fallen Order turned out to be a major success for the publisher, which for the last decade has been involved in the forced implementation of the so-called Andrew Wilson lootboxes. Yes, the project turned out to be imperfect, but the developers have already received the green light for the production of the sequel.

As the head of the studio said EA Motive Patrick Klaus Electronic Arts has completely changed priorities. The emphasis is now on the quality of projects, and the strategy for the release of MVP (minimally viable product) is gradually dying. Klaus added that Motive employees are currently working on two projects, one of which is related to Star Wars.

EA’s monopoly on video game development is clearly not total. So, in the original Battlefront 2 from the late studio Pandemic re-earned multiplayer. Also on Playstation 4 and Xbox one backward compatibility program added several projects of the era Playstation 2 and Xbox.

Moreover, the publisher Aspyr received permission to release penny remasters of cult Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Jedi academy for Nintendo switch and Ps4, and Knights of the old republic for smartphones and tablets. Stand alone Warner bros Interactive Entertainmentthat releases endless franchise games Lego (in 2023, another work from the studio will be released TT Games)

Despite the series of failures that befell the “Star Wars” under the wing of Disney, the franchise should not be recognized dead. A new hope winks in the distance, although the changes pass with a creak. It is hoped that soon the management of Lucasfilm will be completely updated, and the new managers will treat George Lucas with due trepidation and caution, filtering out controversial projects. Now Lucasfilm is entering a transition period, which is fraught with problems.

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