The funny story of a pirate lover of birds

t is certainly a great time for lovers of graphic adventures in mobile devices: after the excellent Book of Unwritten Tales 2, reviewed just a few days ago, also comes on iOS platforms Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet.

The title in question was born on PC, funded through Kickstarter, where he arrived already strong of a certain fame given the success of the initial chapter Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! project at the time freeware and amateur, which at this point we will hardly see on mobile devices.

The funny story of a pirate lover of birds

Despite the inevitable limitations of a title developed in the garage, still clearly naive, the founder had already demonstrated the fabric of Alasdair Beckett-King and his inclination to the narration through the adventure, and the potential was fully expressed in this second chapter 


which, thanks also to the collaboration with the publisher Application Systems, has managed to pack a complete graphic adventure in each of its sectors, perhaps a little short but still perfectly placed within the more classic canon of the tip and click genre.


Nelly Cootalot is a pirate who has decided to stand up as a champion of the birds, apparently, and for this reason she finds herself involved in a series of rather crazy situations. After the conclusion of the first chapter with the apparent defeat of the fearsome Baron Barbalarga, Nelly has returned to a more or less normal life,


but could never the reassuring and boring trantran as an employee of the mailer keep an indomitable spirit like his, at bay complete with an eye patch?Absolutely not, and in fact the appearance of the spirit of Captain Barbarossa, his mentor, quickly distracts her from daily commitments to launch her in a new series of piratical adventures.

Fans of graphic adventures and iOS users? Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet is for you!


The question is that Baron Barbalarga is far from being defeated, and has set up a plan to take possession of the treasure of Barbarossa, of which he seems to be also a brother, in a twist worthy of George Lucas. Obviously within this we also include the feathered, in this case a flock of partridges trained by the evil genius to complete its machinations.

The funny story of a pirate lover of birds

In short, the story, as you may have guessed, is not really endowed with great depth, but is played on a succession of strange and hilarious situations in which the immediacy of the dialogues and the charisma of the characters takes the upper hand on the narrative substratum.


Despite the humorous and caricatural climate the puzzles, in principle, are constructed in a rather logical way, and this on the one hand helps to make the solution always at hand, without breaking the thread of the speech, but from the another lowers the challenge level considerably.


The expert adventurers will not find very stimulating puzzles, if accustomed to the standards of classic titles or other productions more set on that fee, but accepted this level of affordable challenge the story of Nelly flows away light and pleasant,


capturing us in his fairy tale world until end. Despite the use of not very high-profile vehicles, the appearance of the game inspires sympathy and charm in abundance, with this particular characterization that strongly recalls an illustrated book for children,


The interface, derived directly from that PC, makes good use of the touch screen and shows once again how the adventures point and click are a genre virtually inherent with this type of devices.