The forest is chopped – chips fly: The outcome of the trial between Epic Games and Apple risks of hurting Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo

Last month took place regular hearing in a case between companies Epic Games and Applein a protracted conflict of interest litigation over the monetization of Fortnite Battle Royale.

One of the voiced by the judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers arguments became a reminder to lawyers Epic Games that AppStore is far from the only closed digital platform; there are a whole host of similar ecosystems on the market.

Last Friday, the court again commented on the proceedings, noting that any decision in the case Apple can have very serious consequences for other companies, including Sony, Microsoft and Nintendodistributing content on their platforms in a similar manner. Previously, from a legal point of view, almost no one questioned the existence of an artificial tax on the sale of digital materials – any ban or the creation of a regulatory mechanism could potentially become a real precedent.

Separate judge Rogers also “walked“along another line of defense Epic Games, namely, the statement that the loss Fortnite of AppStore actually deprived millions of people of access to their favorite game. Lawyers Tim Sweeney emphasize that home consoles and computers for this part of the audience cannot serve as a full-fledged replacement, since they do not imply any portability.

In turn, the judge recalled Epic that there are other portable devices in the world, including laptops, tablets, and a console Nintendo Switch… How appropriate are these alternatives for fans? iOS, experts have yet to finally decide.

As stated before, the final verdict in the case between Epic and Apple will not be issued until the end of 2023. The judge is now planning to close the proceedings by July next year

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