The Flash Heads For Injustice: Supergirl’s First Photos

Photos that were taken on the set of the film were published on the Web. “Flash“(The flash) Andres Muscietti… The pictures show the costume in detail. Supergirl, which the director previously teased.

The role of Supergirl went to the actress Sasha Kale… At the same time, the image turned out to be non-standard due to a short haircut in an alternative color scheme.

It is unknown which version of the character the actress is playing, as the new film will focus on the concept of the DC Multiverse. However, Sasha Callie does not remind Karu Zor-Elbut Lara Lane-Kent

It’s about a daughter Clark Kent and Lois Lane, whom he killed Joker in Game Injustice: Gods Among Us… A dream is described in comics Superman, dedicated to an alternate timeline in which Batman killed the Joker and prevented the death of pregnant Lois.

Previously, a car was seen on the set. Bruce Wayneand played by Michael Keaton, and actor Ezra Miller (Barry Allen / The Flash) in a business suit. The Flash movie is slated to release in 2022.

The plot is based on the arc from the comics “Flashpoint“. The protagonist decides to travel back in time to save his mother from death. As a result, Flash ends up in an alternate version. DC MCU

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