The film Uncharted has a new, already seventh candidate for the director’s position – director of “Zombieland” and “Venom” Ruben Fleisher

Edition Variety reports that the director “Venoma“and dilogies”ZombielandRuben Fleisher, most likely will be the new director of the film adaptation of Uncharted with Tom Holland in the title role.

The portal notes that the transaction has not yet been concluded, however, it is Fleischer who is the first in the list of names under consideration. According to insiders, Sony pictures in fact, she has already decided on the candidate and now everything depends on whether the director himself agrees with the proposal.

The adaptation of Uncharted from the very beginning has been haunted by evil rock. Over the past years, six directors tried to attract the film, but all of them, for various reasons, dropped out of the project. The last picture left the director “BumblebeeTravis knight, who refused to shoot, when the production of the picture had to be shifted due to a conflict of schedules with the new part of Spider-Man, where Holland plays.

The last approved release date of the film was December 18, 2023, but due to the next change of director the tape will be assigned new release dates.

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