The film “Morbius” in the universe “Venom” with Spider-Man leaked to the web

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The upcoming film Morbius, the Living Vampire with Jared Leto, which takes place in the Venom universe with Tom Hardy, has been leaked.

The entire plot of the future painting “Morbius, a living vampire” was posted on the network. According to, the user of the Reddit forum under the nickname throwaway573726363 posted all the events of the picture that mention Spider-Man, who is obviously the hero performed by Tom Holland from “Avengers: Final”, as well as Cletus Cassidy ( Carnage), which should become the main antagonist in the movie Venom 2.

Attention! Spoilers follow!

  • The film begins with how Michael Morbius receives the Nobel Prize for his participation in medical research. During his welcome speech, he faints.
  • Next show Michael’s childhood. At school, he was bullied because he could not walk. For the main character stands Emil Nikos, who works as a doctor at school.
  • After this, they return to the adult Michael, who is talking with Nikos and informs him that the disease is progressing. Morbius’ life is coming to an end. Michael thanks Nikos for helping him all his life.
  • The next episode again shows the protagonist in his youth. He sits in a hospital room and plays chess with Nikos, who advises Michael to become a doctor and find a cure for his illness. Then Nikos leaves to visit another patient, and Morbius is left to play chess alone.
  • Michael is again shown in the hospital these days. He helps a young girl suffering from cancer. Morbius goes to take his medicine and meets Loxias Crown, whom he does not know. Unknown gives the hero a briefcase and his business card. Loxias says he can help Michael find a cure.
  • Michael gets medicine from his wife Martina Bancroft. During this scene, the hero again speaks of his suspicions that he will die soon.
  • Morbius and Bancroft go to the laboratory. Michael says you need to try more radical treatments. He opens the briefcase that Loxias Crown gave him. Inside is a dead bat and a knife that looks like a machete. Michael is confused, but still decides to study the bat. She is a vampire.
  • Bankfot leaves the lab, and Michael calls Crown and asks for artifacts. Loxias explains that he once suffered from the same disease. Crown tells Morbius about a mysterious cave in Brazil.
  • Michael tells his wife that he must find a cave to recover. Bancroft is against this idea, but Michael does not listen to it.
  • Michael is flying a helicopter to the cave. When the hero arrives at the scene, he cuts his hand and presses it to an unknown device. Bats fly out and kill everyone with whom Morbius arrived. Michael is losing consciousness.
  • After that, the hero wakes up and starts wandering around Brazil. He sneaks into a cargo ship bound for New York. He trembles and slowly turns into a vampire. Michael devours a living rat.
  • Pirates attack the ship. The first action scene of the film begins. Morbius begins to kill pirates. Throughout the scene, it is hidden in the shadows, or the action takes place in the first person. The appearance of the vampire is shown only at the end of the scene (this is a frame from the trailer). After that, Morbius jumps off the ship and begins to sail.
  • Michael wakes up in New York and does not remember what happened. He comes to the bar and asks the bartender to call an ambulance. While waiting, he watches TV, which shows JJ John Jameson (JK Simmons), talking about the dead bodies found on a cargo ship. Michael remembers everything.
  • An ambulance arrives and Michael returns to the hospital where he worked. Returning to the laboratory, Morbius tells his wife and Nikos about what happened and locks himself in the detention center to protect them.
  • The thirst for blood becomes so strong that Michael breaks out. Bancroft and Nikos run away, and Morbius falls under the shelling of the guards. Bancroft introduces something to Michael and he loses consciousness.
  • The hero wakes up in his laboratory and finds a tomb there. In it, he finds a note from Loxias, who says that all the answers are hidden inside this tomb. Michael opens it and finds in it a skeleton in the costume of Morbius. Ancient inscriptions are written on the tomb, which, to his surprise, Michael can read.
  • Detective Simon Stroud at this time begins to investigate the cause of the death of the pirates. He believes that something supernatural is involved in this matter. Simon has a mechanical glove on his right hand that gives him super strength. The glove is made by Oscorp Corporation.
  • Simon visits Emil Nikos and begins to ask him questions about Michael. Meanwhile, Loxias Crown is in a laboratory in a sewer. He has a painfully thin appearance. He has tattoos all over his body. He faints.
  • The action goes to the tomb, located in the laboratory of Michael. Morbius fights an unexpectedly revived skeleton. The hero wins the battle, breaking the skull and taking the suit.
  • Loxias wakes up and goes on the railway tracks. He stops the train with a spell and drains the lives of all passengers, restoring his strength. It returns to its normal form.
  • Loxias is convinced that Simon Stroud wants to stop him. At that moment, Morbius flies into Nikos’s house and is about to kill Stroud, who is there. Simon fights on equal terms with the vampire thanks to his glove. During the battle, Nikos dies, and then Michael allows Stroud to arrest himself.
  • The hero is sent to prison. There he meets Adrian Thoms (Vulture performed by Michael Keaton).
  • At night, Michael sees Loxias Crown, who tells the hero to get out of prison, otherwise he will kill his wife. Morbius breaks out of prison, simultaneously accidentally freeing all prisoners. The riot begins, and Thoms, in turn, invites Michael to join the Sinister Six. Morbius refuses. Mack Gargan (Scorpio) and Cletus Cassidy (Carnage performed by Woody Harrelson) also escape to freedom.
  • Meanwhile, Morbius finds Loxias, who tells the hero that he needs to complete the ritual, thanks to which he can gain immortality and become omnipotent. The battle begins between Morbius and Loxias. Michael wins and sucks life out of Crown. Morbius turns into a three-meter monster and begin to growl at everyone around. Bancroft reassures him and Michael assumes his human form.
  • The hero runs on the run until the police arrive and takes off his suit. Along the way, he sees a poster with Spider-Man and the words “Killer”. Unlike the trailer, in the movie Spider-Man’s costume is similar to the one in the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming, and not in the trilogy of director Sam Raimi.
  • The film ends with Michael and Bancroft meeting at the funeral of Emilia Nikos. The last frame – Morbius passes next to a billboard that says “Peter Parker Wanted.”

According to the merged information, in the film “Morbius, the living vampire” there are no scenes after the credits hinting at future films. According to, the release of the movie “Morbius, a living vampire” is scheduled for July 30, 2020. The film “Venom 2” with Tom Hardy is expected to be released on October 2 this year.

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