The fashion team “Chronicles of Mirtana” to Gothic 2 summed up the year – review

Authors of the user modification “The Chronicles of Myrtana»To role play Gothic 2 released a special video in which they summed up the results of the outgoing year and outlined plans for the next, 2023.

Over the past year, fashion designers have managed to complete work on the main plot and a number of side tasks. Currently, the Chronicles of Myrtana consists of 144 missions, of which 104 are already completely ready, and each of them can be completed in various ways.

This, of course, affects the size of the script: now it includes 18,946 lines of dialogs. This is more than in the original Gothic 2 with the addition of “Raven night“, And this is not the final. Now work is underway on 23 more quests, and 47 more are still in the plans.

Over the past year, the group added 654 characters to its modification, created a new camera system for story inserts, drew more than 200 animations and a significant number of locations. Recorded 90 minutes of original tunes that will sound in the Chronicles of Myrtana.

Group Soulfire I am sure that such winter holidays will not be repeated for them. In 2023, the creators of the mod will finally release the first part of the finished project, Archolos, and they will no longer have to think about what else to add to it.