The Evil Within 2

The Inner Evil
First of all, it should be said that at this turn Mikami will not direct the project personally, having decided to dress the role of a simple producer of the title. In his place, we find John Johanas, the one who gave birth to DLC dedicated to Kidman in the first The Evil Within. If, on the one hand, the reins of the project have been taken from an element that has already participated in the creation of the original game – and thus will know where to correct the shot and in what specific areas – on the other the lack of good Shinji scares and not a little. To have the presence of a sacred monster like Biohazard’s dad would have calmed the legions of gamers waiting for the return of detective Castellanos. Anyway, it’s definitely too early to complain.

This because,The Evil Within 2 released at E3 in Los Angeles, the new game from Bethesda still has all it takes to ensure that the memory of the first chapter is honored to the fullest.
First of all, what promises Tango Gameworks is more empathy with the protagonist, Sebastian, no longer a mere puppet in the flow of events, but a character with a thousand facets and with only one great goal, that is to discover the truth behind her daughter.

A truth that inevitably led him on the bottom of the abyss, a victim of alcoholism, which will attempt to climb only when it becomes aware that Lily is still alive. A stronger incisive plot will mean correcting one of the major shortcomings of the first The Evil Within, in the face of critics and demands of the people of video game-makers, who searched detective Castellanos for a character with feelings before even one bunch of all-in-one .


What is presented to us before, then, is a new and exciting journey into the madness and the human psyche, made even more distressing and twisted by the presence of unreleasers and brand new foes. Because three years are so many, even in the horror universe created by Tango Gameworks, and we’re sure that this time the slow and anxious narrative will know how to coivolume how much and more than before.

The Evil Within 2

A gun is not enough against the hell of the hell
It will not only be the story and the narrative timing to increase the sense of fear that The Evil Within 2 promises to give to all those who will be brave enough to venture: even a gameplay at height, inherited from that seen in the first episode, it seems also blossom in this sequel. Typically shooter sequences appear, however, much faster and less restrictive, with greater freedom of movement and agility by the protagonist (as well as with a rose of unusually new weapons).

But not only: Sebastian can now literally kick his legs in case the situation becomes more thorny than expected. The typical third-person view behind the shoulders is not surprisingly surprising, although the field of vision is far wider, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises at the shoulders or sides. This also thanks to a technical compact that seems to be a revised and correct version – as well as advanced – of the ID Tech 5 used in the original chapter, which this time does not betray its origins from the cross generational title but is indeed capable of showing with ease sick scenery and monstrosity of all sorts.

In this regard, the artistic direction also seems to have taken a step forward, not unmoving, proposing a pink opponents born of the most atrocious of nightmares. And this is definitely a good thing: if the first The Evil Within was more about bringing home the result, by honoring its sources of inspiration (from Resident Evil to Silent Hill), this sequel seems to have earned it in courage and originality.

The Evil Within 2he is not afraid to offer an insane and ill-fated atmosphere that will bring Sebastian to the discovery of the truth behind his daughter, Lily, among inanarrabile monsters, satanic rituals, and more generally a context of play that seems to have shelved that “fear” marked by cliches of the genre of membership. Of course, it’s still too early to pull the sums (the game will only light up next autumn), but as far as the trailer shown in Los Angeles at the Bethesda conference has led us to believe this time work done by the development team Tango Gameworks does not have the fear of confronting such sacred monsters. Hope, however, is that this time you do not fall into the blunder of daring more than you owe.