The Escapists 2

Escapism – a desire of a single person to run away and hide in a world of illusions and fantasies. So goes the philosophy. Our favorite industry can be considered as one example of escapism, like literature to cinema, because it often happens that a good book, a movie or a game to help escape from the real problems. At least for a while.
In 2015 came the escape from prison simulator The Escapists. 
The protagonist unusual project was to figure out how to get to freedom, without disturbing the police. By any means – no player limit. In the first “Escapist” almost everything was good, except for the graphics, even if the pixel. And still would not prevent the multiplayer.

Running Pixel

The beginning of a long road to freedom.
In the second part to fix it: twirled the visual part and added a multiplayer mode. The Escapists 2 began to look more impressive and fresh, with lots of fine detail of prison life. With the new engine the characters acquired individuality and no longer just a bunch of pixels.
And I know exile on a fur hat!
The plot unwinds almost as a joke.
Two friends relaxing on a beautiful beach, and the other one explains how to easily break free from even the most gloomy casemates. After such recognition begins training, where every step is accompanied by amusing comments.
For example, making a tunnel, instead of the expected arguments about how not to get protection or not blunt shovel, the hero thinks, why forget sunglasses come in handy if the wild sunblock.
This game starts a little later, when the police catch the romance right on the beach.

Your place on the roll

A new day in captivity.
A nice bonus was the creation of the character. Three hundred of types of variable appearance: beards, multicolored Iroquois – all what the soul asks. We ran through the zone in a small shaggy fur cap and with a sullen look on his face. After Smiles are not so many.
At night the unfortunate hero come to mind thoughts of the eternal. The fact, for example, not to make enemies and avoid the search in the lovingly guarded nightstand.
Then we need to wake up and run on a roll, as latecomers, most likely, will examine with special predilection. And if you behave quite badly, you can not only lose the work, but also in the cooler thunder.
If you dig much, and you can get there in the hospital.
After all you are deemed to begin routine: compulsory breakfast, lunch and dinner, exercise, hiking in the shower and look for work.
All these actions are strictly limited in time. To catch all, it is necessary to glance at the clock in the upper right corner of the screen.
Whatever you have been busy, alongside always someone communicates and expresses his thoughts. Until someone sought after in the shower, someone found a hair in the dish at breakfast, someone looking for a job and asks for help. The police talk about how to quickly go home and what awaits them there dinner.
Prison philosophy.
By the way, for help. Many of the inmates were “marked” with a coin or an exclamation mark. In the first case, you will be able to buy something or to sell in the second – to take the job. Quests are different, but all meet the prison theme.
One needs to get a bar of soap, the other – to help find a job, and the third, on the contrary, with her “lay off”. This part is like a prison version of ” How to get a neighbor ” .
For example, it is possible to flood someone’s camera. Just throw the toilet waste – water drain clogged, and the poor thing a few hours is not up to the service. There is an option, and simpler: find the prisoner with their fists explain that to work today better not to go, and ideally should abandon it for good.
Soap and a sock – stern craft.
Apply brute force has become much easier and more fun than the first part. Not only can you stab the prisoner with a fork taken during lunch, but also put him a pair of receptions (there is even blocks). Nobody forbids to fight with everyone he met, including the police.
But be prepared for the corresponding reputation: you no one wants to deal with, but the frequent visits of the guards at the camera.

Gardens towards freedom

Over time you are comfortable in the state-owned inhospitable walls, like the library and zavedet friends. There will be communication: perhaps you will become the best friend of the supervisor and will carry out his instructions. Or will not – here no one is forcing.
In The Escapists 2 lies “bomb” appeal, which is triggered only after a few hours of play. Lovely to look at the pixel men tell surprisingly dramatic stories, which do not necessarily photorealistic graphics.
Whatever any given period, and lunch schedule.
Here prisoner sorting garbage and thinking of how to find a job more pleasant, but everything is possible and no life is seen in the darkest colors. Another, with a mohawk, erasing graffiti from the walls, though he knows that soon his own friends will draw more and begin the next round of Sisyphean labor. Hoping to make a documentary film crew arrives, but with it there are absolutely extraordinary things.
The prisoners lockers is a lot of personal things that can not only reveal the strengths and weaknesses of their owners, but also to help you escape.
At the main character also has a locker with a secret compartment where you can put all bought and found. Keep in mind, the inventory is not bottomless. Collect only what you need for the job and your global targets.
Policeman Yumorok.
If one plan for escape boring, head criminal gang, Call friends.
Even in the very first prison (and a dozen of them here) on what to think about all the nuances that will leave more than one hour, because in addition to this it is necessary to engage in social work, develop intelligence in the library and strength in the gym. Without pumping the hero will not be able to carry a lot of weight and will construct many things – craft here, though simple, but necessary as a good acquaintance.
Labor will make a man out of the prisoner.
The Escapists 2 – to surprise a well-researched simulation of prison life, with consistently positive ending. Devoid of profanity and almost – bloodlust, but full of self-irony. At first it seems that one shoot will be no different from the other, but a few hours later you realize that you’re not running away so much settle in and make friends in the new and in their own little world, buddy.