The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind

We returned to Vvardenfell !, the land where Bethesda Softworks 15 years ago made us enjoy one of the best RPG of all time, and although now the impact is less, it is not surprising as at that time, the trip proposed by this MMORPG deserves very much worth it. Especially for the quality of the story he narrates, in perfect Englishyes, because somehow makes you feel within a traditional adventure, of all life, with the peculiarity that you are not alone, that on your way you will find hundreds of players willing to share the glory in the fight against the forces of evil. It is an incredible experience.


I already mentioned it when we published the first impressions. If in your day you enjoyed the classic, the first steps in this new adventure will be magical, unique !, It costs not to get excited when you disembark in Seydan Neen and discover that everything is as before, with that mysterious aura so characteristic of these land, but at the same time also different, something changed, because The Elder Scrolls Online puts its action 700 yearsbefore the events occurred in the original video game. Noticeable! And from this the team of Zenimax, that has been able to recreate a lavish fantasy world that you wish to explore with avid passion. Each new region you visit, each new talk with iconic characters within this universe or, simply, each new battle against the many enemies that await you, make you want a little more a video game that, unfortunately, ultimately leaves you wanting the rest. Know little! if compared to the expansions of other MMOs.


The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind / Lara Trailer


Be a hero, be a savior

In recent years we have come across a handful of online role-playing adventures that place a major importance on history , the way they tell you that great epic in which they embark, and certainly Morrowind is one of the titles that more and better benefits from it. With a powerful narrative , and full of references to the universe The Elder Scrolls , the new Bethesda catches you fast in their networks and almost does not let go until you complete the trip, overcome the 30 hours of play. It’s not bad at all; especially for the good that links the missions, which are presented to you in a natural, logical, without feeling that you are the messenger of all the inhabitants of Tamriel. Of course, there are tasks of style, of going from one place to another picking up special objects or eliminating specific enemies, but all of them have been given a great plot background so that, at least, what you do makes sense.


The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind analysis

There are new weapons and equipment for our adventurers, who face such tough challenges as surviving the new PvP battlefields.

Conversing with legendary characters like Vivec , the poet warrior we met in the Bethesda classic and here, one of the great protagonists of the adventure, is priceless because each of his interventions are worthy of praise. It charms you with its way of speaking about the world around us, about the dangers that lie in wait, and in the end, your struggle becomes your fight. It’s something that I loved. The way in which The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind makes you part of the action, even leading you to question your own decisions when you see that the lands of Vvanderfell suffer for it. Not only that. The game also exceptionally portrays the political intrigues of the place, delves with intelligence on issues as serious as slavery, giving rise to several sequences of missions that are pure gold. An exciting story that achieves the impossible, that you worry about all those who seek you for help.


The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind PC

It catches you fast in your networks and almost does not let go until you complete the trip

The downside is that, unlike other recent MMOs, in Morrowind there are no cinematic sequences that help to give greater visibility to the story. Almost always you plant in front of another character … and talks. Point; there’s no more. That I do not think is a failure per se , although it is something that at specific moments of the game takes you out of the action

. It is hard to get excited without scenes that delve into the emotions of the protagonists, or show with rawness the malice of the enemies. And it’s a shame, having such high production values ​​both at the artistic level and, especially, in the sound, with a fan
tastic soundtrackby Jeremy Soule who, once again, demonstrates his mastery with high quality melodies that put you in the fantasy of The Elder Scrolls. I said it before. This looks like a traditional RPG, of all life, which is extraordinary, but in turn also has some drawbacks.


The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind PC

Home Sweet Home! Having a house in Vvanderfell and decorating it to your liking is one of those extras to which you can devote hours without realizing it.

Again and again they tell you that you are the only hero, the savior, and you believe it !, but the magic breaks when the talk ends and you


see that there are dozens of people like you, facing the same challenge, with the same appearance . I understand that it is part of the genre, which is not something exclusive to Morrowind, but seeing how much work has been done on a narrative level, it would have been good to adopt a different position to that of the hero destined to save the world. Anyway, the import


ant thing is to have fun, and the truth is that this expansion of TESO have fun and thanks to the quality of their missions and a det


ail that I appreciate very much: that you can travel only if you wish and, above all, that your skill level does not determine who you can not enjoy the action with, or what places visits. This is something that introduced the One Tamriel update , eliminating the level restrictions, so that fans could group with other players regardless of their degree of seniority. So it is much easier to find groups with which to enter the new dungeons introduced by the game.


There is another curious detail, and that is that Bethesda defines Morrowind as a ” chapter “, not an expansion, and this is because it is a title that works independently from The Elder Scrolls Online . Everything is united, of course, but if you wish,


you can start your adventure in the lands of Vvanderfell without any problem. Ideal to enjoy from the first minute of the new contents and when you finish them, more than a hundred hours of adventures await you! belonging to the original game and its various updates.