The Elder Scrolls 6 transferred to a new stage of development

Company Bethesda Game Studios, which is developing the next generation action The elder scrolls 6, finally revealed the latest information on the status expected by millions of fans of the project.

Fans of the legendary Open World series of games The Elder Scrolls have discovered two new Bethesda jobs, reports. In them, fans of the franchise found hints of TES 6. Studios require talented game developers who will join the team creating an advanced role-playing action for PC and consoles. Among the duties of new employees of the company will be the introduction of new game elements: the player’s relationship with the characters, combat mechanics, the user interface and more. The requirements indicate experience in developing games for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and Xbox One consoles. Fans decided that Bethesda was moving on to the main development phase of The Elder Scrolls 6.

A second vacancy was also found, which the players also associated with The Elder Scrolls 6. The company needs a video editor. He should be able to record and process the gameplay of games in 4K and HD resolution, engage in video composition, create motion animations, create short commercials and convert them to various formats. Bethesda said earlier that the company is involved in a Starfield project, reports. This is another role-playing action, but in a space setting. Fans believe the studio is gearing up to launch a full-fledged Starfield ad campaign. This means that the project is at the final stage, and the main forces of the developers should be transferred to TES 6.

Bethesda fans have linked both jobs to the completion of Starfield’s core work. In turn, this indicates a transition to the main stage of development of TES 6. Announcement The Elder Scrolls VI took place at E3 2018. In addition to a short teaser, the company did not disclose anything about the game and has not yet shared other information. The developers hinted at a three-year cycle for the release of large projects, which can speak of the tentative release of TES 6 only in 2024.