The Eagle Witch and the mysterious Mongol tribe are the first details of the “Iki Island” add-on for Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut

July 21 in the blog Playstation a story trailer for the Ghost of Tsushima expansion has been released.Iki island”, And at the same time the first details appeared. Buyers of the director’s edition will have to go with Jin Sakai to the third island, where new locations, characters, stories and much more await the samurai.

At the beginning of the journey, Jin learns that the territory has been captured by a mysterious Mongol tribe. It is headed by the sorceress Ankhsar-Khatun, whom the followers called the Eagle. As a warlord, she conquers and subjugates new lands, and as a sorceress, human souls.

The fact that Jin has been to Iki before is troublesome. As a result, the samurai will have to fight not only with a dangerous enemy, but also face his long-standing fears, as well as revive in his memory the events that he had been trying to forget for a long time.

“As you explore the island and face new threats, you will also discover the dark past of the Sakai clan,” says Patrick Downes, lead writer at Sucker Punch Productions. “Our semi-fictional version of Iki Island bears little resemblance to Tsushima. These are wild lands where robbers rule and lawlessness reigns. “

The samurai lost their power over the island many decades ago, so there is nowhere to wait for Jin’s help. To defeat the Eagle, the samurai will have to win over very unpleasant personalities to his side.

The war with the samurai has left an indelible mark on the island, and the locals will do whatever they want to defend their independence. On his travels, Jin will meet pirates and smugglers, on his way will meet mad monks and ghosts of enchanted caves. The hero will hear many stories and legends, will master forbidden combat techniques, not ashamed to use everything that he has learned in battles.

Jin has to heal his mental wounds, so the developers call the new addition nothing more than a “story of healing.”

“We consider this to be one of the most difficult challenges for Jin. Everyone has a difficult past – both the poor peasant and the powerful jito. We carry these wounds in our hearts. They cannot be defeated in fair combat or deceived by becoming invisible. Neither the samurai katana nor the Ghost weapon will help against them. All that remains is to wait for the wounds to heal. “

The “Iki Island” expansion will be released on August 20 as part of the Director’s Cut or as a separate expansion (full version of Ghost of Tsushima is required to launch). The pre-order is already open.

  • “The Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut” will cost the owners of the PS5 5499 rubles.
  • “The Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut” on PS4 costs 4,999 rubles.
  • An add-on for PS4 can be issued for 1,429 rubles.

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