Project CARS

In 2012, Ferrari company celebrated 65th birthday. And breathed its last Atari released the project on the company – Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends. It was one of the last games Atari, and even successful for Slightly Mad it is also unlikely to be called. Since then, the company began its own offspring – a real simulator – Project Cars, which will be released April 2, 2015 on PC, Xbox One, Sony Playstation 4, and later look in more and SteamOS and Nintendo Wii U. We were able to play in the preview version of the game .

The version for the press all quite rich: more than 70 racing tracks (in some runs there are variations), more than 70 different car racing categories and classes.

As for the race tracks: there are all the classic tracks, familiar from other games – Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, Le Mans, Imola, Brands Hatch and others.

Cars also presented different – sportprototipy LMP1 and the LMP2 class, race card, stock cars, local counterparts formular cars and vintage race cars Lotus 60s, 70s and 80s. As for the cars of Formula, it seems the license for the game F1 from Codemasters involves the use of this royal car just there, so Slightly Mad Studios rolled analogues: Formula A – F1 car in 2011,

Formula B – car racing series GP2 (aka Formula-2) 2011, Formula C – machine European F3 series. In general, the machines there for every taste.

Since this is a racing simulator is important to note the support rudders. In the PC version of profiles presented many – basic models exist today rudders there are: solutions from Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster and others.

Another important point – setting. The Project CARS is a dynamic weather, day and night, and customizable vehicles damaged. Change can be everything: the rate of change of day and night, the rate of change of weather, fines and flags, fuel consumption and tire wear, as well as select the desired model of damages.

Single events are configured. Important in this setting, not the weather or the time of start, today another surprise – the number of competitors on the track. In the competition you will face 30-50 cars controlled by artificial intelligence. Such a large number of “enemies” on one track we have not seen for a long time in the game and, frankly, bored.

The game with so many rivals in the ultra-settings certainly need a computer with the top hardware on board. But even on the highest settings it looks very well and goes up to 60 frames per second – in this case, a good powerful computer assembly 2012. It can talk about that on modern consoles, on which the game is also coming out, we expect a similar large number of cars on the road.

The artificial intelligence of the opponents is not helpless – in a crowd of opponents there is a constant struggle for position. AI level exhibited in the contest setup menu – from 0 to 100. We like to go against the level of the “enemy” in the 70.

Since then there is a place in the peloton and strong riders, but there are frankly weak players who pass the helpless position. Consequently, the fight on the track with serious boils and becomes more interesting with so many rivals.


Race weekend can also be configured. In addition to the weather, the start time, the change rate of the day or night and the number of laps, you can choose your starting position. To choose from a few options: the selected item, random item or position on the results of the qualification.

This mode is activated separately, as well as two free practice. There is even a lap – 5 minutes or more, you can dedicate that to remember the track just before the race, and at the same time to warm up the car.

Unfortunately, none of the simulator was released in 2014. Forza Horizon 2 – a vivid world of arcade atmosphere music festival, Driveclub to 2015, he worked through the stump-deck, gradually loading the weather, the clubs, and The Crew appeared pacifier from vyshkodelov from Ubisoft. Against this background, Project CARS – a very pleasant surprise.

The game looks great, and the physics of everything is in order. Tracks are traced amazing – travel beyond them punishable as in real life, gravel or grass car’s brakes and asphalt areas even outside the track allow to pick up speed.

Realistic damage model may mean that even if you are in nothing bump, can not finish the race due to a sudden failure of the engine. The extent of damage can be customized – from zero, purely visual, to realistic.

Project CARS – this is the case when you do not get pleasure from music during the transmission and not from cheerful flanging opponent, and to drive the process and failure in the bank, from the speed dial.

Slightly Mad Studios have remained true to himself and made the game not only the view from the cockpit, but the view from the helmet with semi-dark visor. Racer sometimes looks in the rotation, tilting her head slightly, and the player is not to be envied in the accident.