The Dog Strategy The Last Friend Released September 30 – Igromania

Salvadoran studio The stonebot and publishing Skystone games have announced the release date of their arcade post-apocalyptic strategy The last friend… The game launches on Nintendo Switch and PC on September 30th. The PC version will be sold in Steam and store Epic Games

Acceptance of pre-orders has already started on the official website. There are three options to choose from: the standard My Buddies edition, the improved Frens Furever and the special True Frens, which allows customers to immortalize their favorite dog in the game.

In The Last Friend, we have to go on a dangerous and very noble mission: in a dying world, after the fall of civilization, the heroes need to find and save all the surviving dogs. And they, in turn, will support us in battles.

A free demo will help you get to know the game The Last Friend: First Bite… The Prologue is coming soon to Steam, Epic Games Store and Nintendo Switch.

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