The Disney Afternoon Collection

The most banal is definitely the inclusion of trophies and goals, which are quite accessible to players who want to give a few hours to the entire collection, rewriting several titles several times (which complete in an hour or maybe less). What increases the quality of the Collection is that we have treated all products as a real piece of museum, which we feel is more than right.

Each chapter, as soon as it is selected, will start the 8-bit melody of the song (you start to hear Duck Tales, so you’ll be ready for it), then give you access to a section dedicated to the soundtrack, to listen to it all, and in different modes of play. Beyond that normal, you will find the Race to Boss and Time Challenge: the second is a simple Time Trial, which will ask you to finish the game as soon as possible, ie less than two hours to get the dedicated trophy; the first, similarly, will advance a similar request, pushing you to fight bosses in sequence without worrying about the game over, but just looking at the time it runs.

Both modes can be managed in viewer mode so that you can see how the leaderboard dominators behaved: imitate them and you win the win. The original versions of the titles, however, have only one substantial change in the gameplay, which is the same as the rewind button: you can rewind how many times you want and especially when you want the game.

Preventing a game over, correcting a mistake, going back to the beginning of the level, it will be possible: rewind has no time limit or use, so use it to your liking to get to the end more easily and without suffering as it was in the early 1990s. A moral shake at twenty years ago has spilled blood and sweat on the Capcom titles. Know, however, that there is a goal that asks you to complete a level without ever rewinding, so in the wolf’s mouth.

From the technical point of view, to prevent a stretch that would make the screen inguable, a thematic frame has been inserted which may otherwise be disabled by leaving the black screen. You can also stretch the image if you want, as well as you can select the filters you want: there is that TV, pretty annoying to the eyes,

The Disney Afternoon Collection

For a thousand Scottish skirts!
“I am a treasurer of treasures: I have always chased the smell of gold, thanks to my incredibly developed smell. I did it since my first few years, when I was crazy for business for gold too. I bought and resold, invested, and earned, until I needed to build a huge deposit to keep all my possessions. I built it up a hill and from there administed all my possessions. And every now and then, when the job permits me, I plunge into what my coin is full of coins.

This time, however, I was warned of the existence of five mysterious treasures, which must be recovered. Before Make Him Famous. I will leave as soon as possible, hoping that my trusted pilot, Jet McQuack, will not skimp like his usual. My name is Paperon de ‘ Scrooge “.

ThereDisney Afternoon CollectionIt begins with Duck Tales, published in Europe in 1990, but in the list of the collection listed as published in 1989, the first title of the collection. In addition to the first episode, we can find, just a few years later, the second episode of Duck Tales.

Already at that time, unlike what we see in Capcom’s other titles in that collection, the mechanics of the battle system – if so could be defined – was particularly refined: Paperone, in fact, had the ability to hit all the enemies, except some immune, and destroy some elements of the scenery thanks to his stick.