The Crew 2

The Crew was a title for a number of reasons, mostly of a technical nature but also of content, it failed to convince at launch, despite the presence of a map of really great game, but perhaps too lacking the profile of the activities available .
In order to improve the situation of the game at Ubisoft’s commitment was decisive, represented by an abundance of unparalleled DLC, who had come to bid respectable, especially thanks to the variety of activities and content that at that point had to offer. Given the discreet success of this operation, the road to the development of The Crew 2 seemed to be the one of the variety, with a driving model that begins to accommodate, in addition to the already present cars and motorcycles, aircraft and motorboats.
An unusual mix, but while testing this E3 2017 we liked it a lot, because in addition to giving a shot clear and unique to the series, manages to give that sense of freedom and engines that we could not experiment with many other titles.
Back to the US
For the occasion we returned to the United States, a setting used for the first chapter, appreciated both by the variety of panoramas offered and by the massive presence of any type of motor sport, without forgetting the timeless experience of the Coast-to- coast.
As a first activity, we drove a Porsche reminiscent of the atmospheres and driving system of the first chapter, crossing a generally improved graphics environment. After that we were boarded a motorboat, always in the course of a competition, and we found ourselves with a different course of guidance, where the impact of the waves and the sea waves impacts importantly on our trajectory , requiring important attention, despite the apparently inferior speed of these means.
Finally, we were launched into skyscrapers, amongst New York’s skyscrapers, to drive an airplane between the inflatable doors scattered around the city, trying not to bump into it.
Right from the start, the peculiarities of each driving model were able to convince us thanks to the immediacy factor, which allowed us to maneuver the vehicles carefully after a few minutes. Only the airplane has proved to be more challenging than expected, as all the possible maneuvers on the real counterparts are not expected.
The Crew 2
Moving to the press section, we managed to test two events taken directly from the gaming map, just after exploring the city of New York a bit. In the free roaming phase, it is possible to move with a simple button from the preferred land vehicle to the motorboat or to the plane, irrespective of our location on the map.
Choosing to go to a watercraft on the asphalt will take us to the middle of the road, but it will still be possible; making the exchange by going to a lake, on the other hand, will certainly be much more profitable, because the transition from one to the other does not provide for any continuity.
The other aspect of  The Crew 2 to make a further step forward is the characterization of vehicles whose driving behavior seems to be much more related to features than the past. The powerboat used at this stage, for example, by reduced power but by crazy weight and maneuverability, has dramatically changed the way water is faced with what was done in the previous phase, with a generous and powerful power.