The creators of The Last Guardian updated the site with a mysterious image of a robot

Studio Gendesignfounded by a Japanese game designer Fumito Uedaupdated its official website. Now it flaunts the concept art of the next studio game and the figure “2020“. Against the background, you can distinguish a schematic image of a certain design resembling a robot.

Similar drawing authors The last guardian posted on Twitter congratulating users on Happy New Year.

Happy New Year!
Thank you all for your support last year.
We look forward to a wonderful 2023 together with everyone!

This is the second image of the new GenDesign game. Exactly two years ago, the team of Fumito Ueda just updated the site, posting New Year’s greetings on its main page and an image of a large creature hiding in the shadow, watching a girl sitting on a stone altar. The developers called the illustration “Beauty and the Beast.”

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