The creators of Metroid Prime and God of War announced the adventure Where the Heart Is – review

Independent studio Armatureco-founder, Todd Keller, was a leading artist Metroid prime, announced its new project. This is a story adventure. Where the heart ispublished as part of the initiative Playstation indies.

Game industry veterans are working on the game, including Beth Foster, senior artist of Metroid Prime, and Scott Eaton, art manager God of war. The game is due out this winter on the PlayStation 4 and will obviously also be available on the PlayStation 5.

According to the story, once during a storm near a farm by Wit Anderson, a strange hole opened and the favorite dog of the family got into it. The head of the family rushed to the rescue and ended up in a strange parallel world. There he can see the whole story of his life from childhood.

At key points in his biography, Whit may make a different decision and see how his fate would change after that. And he will be able to learn and understand a lot both about his family and friends, and about himself.

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