The Crazy Journey of Three Prostitutes: A Review of the TV Series “Red Leatherette” (Sky Rojo) from the creators of “The Paper House”

Our journey around the world with Netflix continues and now we got to the Spanish crime drama “Red leatherette”- Sky rojo in original. A new project from the creators of the incredibly popular “Paper HouseAlexa Pina and Esther Martinez Lobato moves away from an extended crime drama towards a time-compressed action game with a lot of explicit scenes.

The series, which will soon expand with a second season, tells the story of the life of three prostitutes from a fashionable brothel in Tenerife, who, after a series of accidents, are forced to flee from a local crime boss.

Using the “cut” format of episodes from 21 to 30 minutes long, showrunners are quite successful in catching the tempo and picture of films Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, combining into a single hot sex, pretty girls and intense action. This is exactly what we like to refer to in our game reviews with the “Boys Themes” icon.

Due to the fact that the plot practically does not sag, despite the presence of inserts from the flashbacks explaining the heroines’ motivation, all eight episodes of the first season fly by in one evening, and I want an addition, which will only happen on July 23rd.

Returning to the first season, it’s worth noting that the authors got a little confused about who is positive and who is negative. And although the fugitives seem to personify goodness, attempts to whitewash them in front of the viewer do not look very skillful. In any case, you sympathize much more with the brothers Moises and Christian performed by Spanish stars. Miguel Angel Silvestri and Enrica Auquera… A fashionable feminist message is buried here in the sand of drugs and female selfishness. The morals about the exploitation of women and paid sex are interrupted by a glossy picture, which washes away all these fiery speeches, permeated with lust and luxury.

The threads of vicious love running through the entire season are cut off by a sudden finale, which should be developed in the second season. Well, “Red Leatherette”, of course, is too reminiscent of the cartoon mentioned in the series about the Sly Coyote and the Road Runner. At the end of each episode, the characters find themselves in a dead end or on the brink of death, from where they are chosen in the most incredible way. However, such a fantasy is better than the dull moralizing of the critically acclaimed “And fires are smoldering everywhere.”

Leatherette Red is a great combination of crime action, sex and strong cast that will give you minutes or hours of visual pleasure on a cold spring evening.

Author: Alexander Loginov (xtr)


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