The blood review of GUTS

Among these is the GUTS, a kind of reality show in which the participants must literally dismember each other, trying to become the champions. Altogether on the roster there are nine playable characters, all of the psychopaths who love blood and violence.


For example, Jack is a rude lumberjack angry because a multinational has taken away the taste of cutting down trees, Risa is an artist who uses the blood of living creatures, including his micetto, to compose his works, Anita is one ruthless combat android,


Maromba is a bodybuilder priest who wants to clean up the planet from fat, Samuel is an ex-soldier who loves to fight and does not accept a world without conflict and so on.

The blood review of GUTS
The roster is made up of sympathetic psychopaths

Everyone has their goals, but to be able to reach them they must first take the scepter to the GUTS absolute champion, DB Judge, who decided to go straight to the field to celebrate the fiftieth edition (we translate: she can also be selected).


As we said, GUTS is a fighting game at meetings, but it has its own mechanics. The most original is the absence of the energy bar, replaced by the characters’ arts. In fact, GUTS does not win who leads more, but who can tear arms and legs to the opponent.


 The system works in this way: by fighting, the so-called GUTS bar is loaded which, when full, allows one of the four GUTS attacks to be made available to each character. If the shot hits and is not in any way parried, the opponent loses an arm or a leg. When a character is left without limbs, one last GUTS attack is enough to send him to the other world.

Actually there are other methods to dismember: the dangers and the pitfalls, which are quite self explanatory and are related to the scenarios. For example, a car running through the scenery is a danger, while a circular saw is a trap. A third way to deprive the adversaries of their precious arts is to throw them at one of the already torn limbs left on the battlefield … or one of the spectators. Doing it costs the expense of U points, visible at the bottom of the screen.


The latter accumulate by fighting and can also be used: to cure oneself, that is to say, to re-attach one of the lost limbs; to parry the GUTS moves and to load the GUTS bar immediately.Another original feature is the absence of a timer. So the fighting can go on for several minutes.


To regulate its duration we think DB Judge, which occasionally introduces new rules: for example, it can load GUTS bars automatically, so as to make more frequent use of GUTS moves; or it can inhibit the treatment, or it can double the limbs lost for each successful dismemberment and more.


GUTS offers different game modes, which reflect those of the most famous fighting games: two levels of tutorials, the training mode, the single player campaign in which you have to defeat all the other opponents and the single match.

There are also multi-player modes, which can be tackled both locally and online. Unfortunately we have not been able to try the online mode, still experimental, due to the chronic absence of other players. The local multiplayer, however, offers the classic 1vs1 mode and some variations of the rules that are interesting to try, but that leave a little ‘the time they find on the long distance.