The Blind Prophet Review | Gamemag

Adventures in the dark fantasy genre are a very rare occurrence even in the market that has existed for decades. The project, which grew out of original graphic works and a successful Kickstarter campaign, talks about the world of demons, evil and perversions that can only be cleansed by the divine prophet.

IN The blind prophet you in the role of Bartolomeus, who has been living for more than two thousand years and hunts demons, go to the unremarkable town of Rothbork, where very strange things have been happening for a long time.

As in traditional point’n’click adventures, you can interact with objects, pick them up and use them in your inventory.

Especially for beginners of the genre, it is possible to highlight the active parts of the screen with a separate button. Moreover, the game has almost no illogical combinations of objects or unnecessarily complicated puzzles.

All puzzles vary from the correct arrangement of statues or the collection of puzzles from parts of corpses to experiments with unstable elements.

Instead of standard storylines, you are offered comic book pages with a graphic retelling of the story.

But the main feature of the project is not even in a very beautiful graphic stylization or deliberate cruelty, but in the authors of the game touching on very dark topics.

In the world of The Blind Prophet there are sects, drugs and prostitution of minors. And the most unremarkable bar in the city center, for example, is run by one of the six most dangerous demons of vice and perversion.

The authors of the game are not afraid to show sex, murder and violence, preserving the gloomy spirit of history.

At the same time, the narrative itself is a little long – with a lot of backtracking, plot holes and inconsistencies.

But the gloomy atmosphere and vibrant music with compositions such as “Feast of Worms on Earth” or “This is what real evil looks like” hold all your attention.