The black tower

 The deadly tower of monsters review

And so the director is produced in amusing anecdotes about how the film was shot, on the actors who lent themselves to the various roles and on the technicians who realized with great effort (and very little money) the stop motion animations of the monsters and the dinosaurs that populate the scenario.


The incipit is simple: the intrepid astronaut Pipino Starspeed ends up with his own ship on a sort of “planet of the apes” controlled by an evil dictator, and decides to free the inhabitants by climbing the many levels of a mysterious and very high tower, on top of which is the bad guy on duty.


Pippin will soon be joined by two other characters: the beautiful and deadly Scarlet Nova and the cold but efficient Robot, his co-pilot. The three share the same set of weapons for close combat and distance, but each have a specific special ability: Pippin can make quick shots,


Scarlet run very quickly for a few seconds and Robot slow down time. To move from one character to another you have to go to certain cabins, usually located near the stations where you can upgrade the weapons with the collected materials and change the basic equipment.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters offers a very pleasant experience, even more so for Plus users


The humor of the audio comment appears immediately preponderant compared to all the rest, and it is a pity that to understand certain passages it is necessarily necessary to take a look at the subtitles in Italian. Of course, a complete localization would have been impossible, so we must be satisfied. The experience of  the deadly tower of monsters ps4, however, offers much more: the game mechanics are practically those of a twin stick shooter but the title of ACE Team does not disdain the melee attacks, despite their slippery implementation.

The black tower
The black tower

The equipment is upgradable and adjustable, although finding the most precious materials is complicated and greatly limits the progression in this direction. However, there are devastating weapons, such as the rocket launcher or the


“Tesla jewel”, a gun that launches powerful electric shocks, as well as clubs, lightsabers and even whips for close encounters. Switching from one type of maneuver to another is fortunately simple, since the balance of the gameplay is also based on the cooldown of the guns and exposes us to many risks when the numerical superiority of the enemies is overwhelming.


The lion’s share, however, is not done by the combat system, but by the level design, which gives us this mysterious planet to explore far and wide, with some secrets to discover and areas that become accessible only after unlocking certain skills.Deadly monsters

“Deadly tower of monsters’ Is An Instant Videogame Classic”

On the surface stands the highest tower referred to by the title of the game, to “scale”using conventional steps but without backtracking can annoy from a certain point onwards: if it is necessary to return to a lower level, you can then use the teleporter to instantly reach the last location conquered. The degree of challenge is not trivial and will often happen to have to repeat some sections during the final stages of the adventure  deadly tower, which can be completed within about four hours.


There are also spectacular bosses in  the deadly tower, in which we will face King Kong emissaries, giant snails, huge octopuses and other creepy creatures, created by inevitable mad scientist.


The plant, which turns out to be solid and in many ways interesting, is assisted by a discrete graphics, which is a bit ‘fatigue in terms of frame rates but at the same time offers visual and funny solutions, such as the simulation of the stop motion or “shooting errors” that show microphones, wires or sticks at the edge of the view.

The deadly tower of monsters release date

  • release date
    January 19, 2016
  • Developer
    ACE Team
  • Publisher