The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac began as a project for a game jam (a competition in which the developers in the short term make original games from scratch). In one week, Edmund McMillan, gave birth to Super Meat Boy, a couple with his longtime collaborator Florian Himslom made “bagel” with memorable style and provocative look at the biblical motifs.

Naturally, such a modest period of development resulted in some technical flaws in the game, and the banal reduce its quality. But this has not stopped, “Isaac,” to be a hit, even for people not familiar with the first roguelike genre. Three years later, the developers still have released much improved and modified the original subtitled Rebirth, that just means “rebirth.”

Like the original, the game story is based on biblical stories of Abraham and Isaac, the God-fearing parent and his child. Isaac lived with his mother, who preferred to communicate with his son watching Christian TV shows, reading the Bible and other ways of rapprochement with Jesus.

Here are just a few of the Lord appeared: as evidence of true faith, he asked to make a sacrifice, which should be none other than Isaac. But unlike the original story, the boy is aware of the danger before God said “stop”, and escapes into the basement through a well tucked hatch in the floor.

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Here are just some of the two evils, the distraught mother with a kitchen knife or a cellar full of dangers, less – is still unknown. Although all sorts of monsters, spikes, feces and other filth and look quite nice (as Meat Boy from Super Meat Boy from the same author, representing a piece of minced meat with eyes), each of them can bring Isaac to tears or even kill.

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Edmund McMillan became famous for his mania every time shock the audience with their games. That only is a flash game called Cunt, which translates not only as $ #!% * (Vagina).

Every time an American produces something, what would never dare people worry about their own reputations. It affects the development team – a long time in it only delayed the people who do not care about public opinion, and creating eye-catching and even shocking projects – above all else.

Needless to say that the game Macmillan (such as Super Meat Boy) are hits and a wider audience of players.

But tears in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – not weakness, and lethal weapons. By getting rid of Flash as the engine, “Rebirth” has learned to be even more crazy combination of different subjects.

Make of a crying baby terminator with self-poisoning lasers from both eyes – please. Turn dead cat’s head into the catalyst blood fountains, per application destroying every living thing in the room – and this is possible, it all depends on luck on the necessary upgrades.

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Rebirth is played much more comfortable predecessor – affects the transition to 60 frames per second and the absence so irritating in the “loose” original.

In addition, the game has native gamepad support -in the original suggested to use a third-party tool. Basement has become much more beautiful: the default game looks pixelated (is responsible for it appeared a filter that can be switched off at any time), and the room became objects of detail, and can be seen on the walls of the reflection from water or other decorative embellishments.

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Devils also cry, especially those malenkie.Krome, the game was officially support gamepads – move and let the tears like you can on the arrows and ABXY, and with the help of sticks – if it is the movement of your character can be controlled more accurately, avoiding jerky movements.

Summed only the standard control scheme to the PS Vita – to activate the objects to be pressed on the screen, which is very uncomfortable, but the game contains an option to postpone the activation of objects to a different button.

The biggest innovation proved a local cooperative. The possibility of the second player, however, can hardly be called impressive: appearing as a random corpse of a brother or sister of Isaac, like the ones that you can pick up in a single game, a partner will be able to help with the annihilation of the enemy. In this case, the helper can fly, ignoring the abyss and obstacles, but is not able to pick up objects – so developers kept the balance and the difficulty levels.