The best version? Devil May Cry 3 Port Developers for Nintendo Switch Add Something Special to the Game

Next month on Nintendo switch will come out Devil May Cry 3. And although the first two games of the series were transferred to the hybrid console unchanged, the third part, apparently, will offer the Switch owners some additional bonuses.

In a short news update recorded last night, the producer Capcom matt walker said that the developers understand the people’s love for the third part Devil may cry and as a sign of gratitude to all the fans, the team found the motivation add something else to the game to make this release even more special.

What exactly is being discussed is not yet fully understood, however, in his address, Walker focused on the word “motivation,” which may be a hint of a connection with Virgil. Additionally, he urged fans to circle three dates on their calendars: January 16th, January 30 and February 13. Apparently, these days, Capcom will reveal more details about the features of the Switch version of DMC 3.



Judging by the description from the game’s official website, the Switch-version of Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition will get a new Style Change system, which will allow players to “experience the action with a number of unique styles that provide unprecedented diversity.”

New screenshots:

Release Devil May Cry 3 on Switch will be held February 20.

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