The best player in the world of Quake Quake Champions

– Anton, tell us how you got into the Na’Vi team, were there any other options?

– Popal, as it usually is, through negotiation. Parallel to consider other proposals from different teams, I will not name them, but there were a lot of them. Na’Vi to me the most suitable option, not even in terms of any conditions, even though they are at a very high level, but in terms of what this team I feel closer to others.

– You’re a longtime fan of them?

– Yes, I’ve been in touch with them and communicated ever since the formation of this team. Given the fact that they represent the CIS, for me it is the most suitable option. Although foreign teams also tried to get me.

– Let’s talk about Quake Champions. Knowing your rich experience, it is very interesting to know what are your impressions of the game? That the developers managed not to spoil, and that still leaves much to be desired?

– Certainly, the idea to introduce a lot of characters with a variety of unique abilities – one hundred percent of the actual and perspective.

But as a work in general, I’m happy with the way it goes, everything is happening too slowly. Behind me there is a certain experience in game development, I have an idea how it should be: at what speed should receive updates as the game must upgrade Your – and while I do not see the desired level. However, today this is my only gripe.

– What can you highlight the positive?

– Of course, it’s characters, this duel mode, a set of servers and a variety of settings that allow you to customize your gaming profile individually for themselves – for me it is also a significant moment. Unfortunately, the game is quite demanding, but that will not go away. I

n any case, those who do not have a powerful enough “machine” have it upgraded. But at the same time I want to note that a free game – is, of course, is not critical, but it is definitely a plus.

Compared with Overwatch will not have to spend on the game two thousand rubles, and for the CIS region, believes this is a significant figure, especially considering the age of the gaming audience.

– Favorite hero has already appeared?

– I can not single out any one: usually, all professional players have their own pool of heroes who prefer. And not even in terms of “like-dislike”, and based on who is technically fit for the style of play. Accordingly, such a pool was formed and I: Knicks , Ranger , Seer , Clutch and Battleship .

I am more inclined to play for the characters, which are the physics and mechanics of ordinary the Quake , ie pushed forward – go ahead, I hit jump – jump and so on. I do not like Anarki or Sorlaga who CPMA -fizika.

The only unusual hero in my pool –Clutch , but for him, I had to learn to play, because in the current build it is quite powerful and very relevant: its “ability is” and move the map makes it, in my opinion, a little bit more than others. Initially it I do not like: because of its large size and large hitbox it very much, “flies” – hard to play when you gets almost everything.

But when his little zabustili in terms muvmenta, and became very quickly “accumulate” a shield that gives blocking incoming damage, it has become very important.

– Lastly, three blitz-question. Mega Armor or Red?

– Of course, it depends on the situation, but it is more inclined to the Armory .

– DM6 or ZTN3DM1?

– While DM6 .

– Rocket or Rail?

– Rocket !

We agree with the main kveykerom planet or you have a different opinion about Quake Champions?