The best of video games out of August 2017

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
That was what you expected, right?
Just on the tail of August came one of the most talked and expected titles of the year, unveiled last E3 and since then on top of the list of all Nintendo Switch owners.
Our review and world-class title success should have convinced you of its goodness, including irresistible gags and an incredibly profound gameplay that welcomes newcomers but forces them to learn without taking them too much by the hand.
If, however, you did not trust the judgment of our Tahva (wrong!), You could ask his Majesty Shigeru Miyamoto, who was not afraid to go out first to advertise the title during the Ubisoft conference in Los Angeles.
In addition to being one of the best titles in the current catalog of the young console of the great N, Mario + Rabbids is an extremely encouraging message for all those who dream of developing video games in Italy too. Ubisoft Milan has proven to be outspoken) and to have the urge to do it, you can jump to world attention here too.
After so many sacrifices, challenging the preconceptions of those who stand up to the big grain comic that Ubisoft’s funny rabbits brought in dowry, the development team has created a product that nicks the nintendosi
ty of all pores, with deep gameplay mechanics but never inaccessible and an enviable cure for details.
Playing, therefore, is not only a pleasure of users, but it could represent the spur to keep believing in your dreams and keep it hard: sooner or later, the right opportunity might also happen to you.
And, for the record, the Collector’s Edition is delightful.
The best of video games out of August 2017
Sonic Mania
Sonic fans of the seemingly extinct category of Sonic did not ask Sega anything other than a classic episode that resumed the atmospheres, styles and presentation of the best titles dedicated to the blue hobo, released on Megadrive in the ‘ 90.
Sega, in the last few years, had been incapable of spin-offs and three-dimensional episodes (some even discreet in billions), but had never experienced a return to their origins, at least not up to Sonic Mania.
Released on PS4, Xbox One, but also Switch (from where we are in our headlines), this brilliant two-dimensional platform has been able to scoop up very high ratings so that it can be the best episode of the franchise for over twenty years to this part, look, it does nothing but mock Sonic’s Golden Age titles.
This, on the one hand, shows that certain titles never get older, on the other hand, can mark a new strategy for Sega, which, rather than getting bogged down in unlikely experiments, might be a smart exploit of its best franchises, starting with Sonic and passing through Yakuza, another brand that is experiencing a second youth.
If you’ve lost all of your afternoons at one of Megadrive’s episodes (especially the first two chapters) or you just love 2D platform games, letting Sonic Mania escape is a crime.
The best of video games out of August 2017
Almost two years have passed since our Valthiel awarded one of the highest ratings in the database at Undertale, an atypical indie role playing game, then revised in PC version.
On the day of August, Undertale also came on the consoles Sony, PS4 and Life, with the cross-buy option and all his load of humor, feelings and surreal dialogues: the creature of Toby Fox (yes, he developed a single person) has exploited the tam tam on the internet to reach the masses, obtaining a stunning (and deserved) success on Windows platforms.
If you dream of dealing with each enemy in a different way, fighting with dialogue instead of combating, combining dynamic shifts and basic shooting moments during the clashes, this peculiar title will give you a ton of satisfaction as well as bring you to reflect on more frustrating.
Gaming so full of ideas out of the charts does not come out so much in a standardized market like the current one, so giving a chance to those who have the courage to dive seems a good idea, also because the risk is cheap, considering that Undertale currently costs less than fifteen euros in the dual Vita / PS4 version.
The best of video games out of August 2017
Collar X Malice
Playstation Vita over the years has become almost an e-reader substitute: Sony’s small house has emerged as a masculine visual novel of quality, all from Japan, where this peculiar video game genre has always stuck.
Collar X Malice is just the latest in time order, combining a deep, multifaceted plot with a series of multiple choices to determine which of the finals the player will access: well-characterized characters and unexpected narrative facets, however, are counterbalanced by a certain proliferation of dialogues and the usual lack of localization in our language.
The product of Idea Factory, however, even before competition so nourished as the one in the Sony portable console library, can not disfigure, expanding the range of choices for female enthusiasts and still offering a pleasant and long-lasting adventure.
If futuristic settings, mysterious terrorist organizations, and a police task force united by a questionable hairdresser’s hair are your daily bread, in short, Collar X Malice could do it for you.