The best exclusive PCs in 2017

The 2016 videoludically speaking was a very interesting year, marked by great titles, new consoles and great ads.
2017 seems to be even more succulent, so we at SpazioGames have made this series of articles, with videos to accompany, to list the most important releases of the year just begun.

Time to return
The PC market in these years is experiencing a magical moment, thanks to the arrival of many multiplatforms that until a few years ago were only for consoles, and for immense quantities of indie.


Finding a list of titles to include in this article was not easy because the amount of independent games developed through crowdfunding is so high that it is almost countless. We therefore made a decisive selection, adding in addition to products from the strong commercial appeal and expected by the general public, even some minor titles of interest, leaving out, for obvious reasons of space, many equally deserving.


Starting with the bombs, starting with the new Quake , ID Software is about to return to the scene of the fps arena with its most famous brand. Quake Champions, according to the same ID Software, will be a return to the origins, an old fps arena that will go straight to the peaks of eSport. They will only have reflexes and skill with mouse and keyboard, no modern rulers, no limited weapons, no facilities. The only real difference with the old Quake will be the champions, a class system that will give a new level of tactical depth.


Another very important return after many years of absence will be Warhammer 40000Dawn of War 3 will try to bring back a genre, the real-time strategist, who is not well-off by now, crushed by the weight of the increasingly popular MOBA. Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War 3will again present the features that made the series great, with Star Marine, Orcs and Eldar who will return to battle


, an armor customization system yet unmatched today and a staggering scale of epic clashes. Relic has so far never been wrong, so the quality of the product is assured. It remains to be seen what the public’s response will be to a genre that is now being bribed by the masses. Space to the sequel 2017 will also be the year of the sequel to one of the most popular games on PCs and still play today. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

The best exclusive PCs in 2017

will take us back to the lands of Caladria, in a period before the events of the first chapter released in the far end of 2008 and initially developed by a Turkish couple composed of husband and wife. TaleWorlds has grown over the years and with this promise promises to reproduce all that we have seen in Mount & Blade expanded and enhanced. It will start with a new graphical engine at the


end of time with many new features that will make the already deepest gaming system ever more varied and multifaceted, such as crafting, enhancing ruin mechanics, introducing siege weapons , a management system for its territories and other features that will make Mount & Blade II: Bannerlordthe most realistic life simulator and medieval war on the market. Only the PC version was confirmed at the moment, but voices of a possible console landing are becoming more and more insistent.

Remaining in the field of medieval simulators, 2017 should be the good year for the release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance , an ambitious role-playing game developed by crowdfunding by Czech guys from Warhorse Studios, led by Daniel Vavra, the writer of the firs


t two Mafia. The game, at Early Access on Steam, will be a very realistic gdr set in a freely explored territory, not huge but well detailed and its strengths will be an intense yet non-linear narrative and a truly interesting combat system, original and realistic. Technically solid, Kingdom Like: Deliverance will turn on Cryengine and unless unexpected it should go out late 2017 on PC and in 2018 on consoles.

Released in 2014 the first Divinity: Original Sin knew how to fall in love with a huge number of players and attract the praise of much of the criticism. Divinity: Original Sinwas a splendid return to the past, at the dawn of the genre gdr, able to bring on the screens of our computers the emotions that the paper gdrs at Dungeons & Dragons are able to give.

Strong for this success, the Larian Studios guys started to develop a second chapter funded via Kickstarter and some months ago available in early access to Steam. Divinity: Original Sin 2 aims to improve every aspect of the predecessor, managing combat action points, a new dialogue system that should make history one of the least successful elements of the first chapter, much more immersive.


All equipped with welcome improvements in the technical sector with a much higher budget. If you are one of those who have loved the first chapter, this sequel can conquer you the same way. From the moon to paradise 2017 is the year that millions of players have been waiting for in the heart: To the Moon

The best exclusive PCs in 2017

. Kan Gao’s masterpiece, released in 2011, literally eased and moved the whole gaming world with one of the most beautiful stories ever told by our media. Not everyone knows that To The Moon is the first chapter of a trilogy focused on the two doctors, Neil Watts and Eva Rosalene, who will continue in Finding Paradise in 2017 . The A Bird Story prologue and the two little Christmas episodes released for free a few years ago have contributed to the development of many theories and speculations on how evolution of Finding Paradise could evolve, which we do not question it, will conquer everyone again with delicacy, dialogue and the music that only Kan Gao is able to create.