The future of Disney + depends on Pixar: From Zootopia sequel to Toy Story spin-off

As part of a video presentation for investors, the company Disney announced several new animation projects at once, which will be released in cinemas or exclusively on Disney +… They will be answered Pixar and Disney Animation.

The list is as follows:

  • Cartoon “Lightyear“(Lightyear) – Chris Evans will voice Baz Lightyear in the full-length Toy Story spin-off.
  • Animated series “Victory or defeat“(Win or Loose) is the first animated series from Pixar. The focus will be on the high school softball team on their way to the championship. Each episode will be presented from the perspective of a new player.
  • Animated series “Doug days“(Dug days) – spin-off of the cartoon “Up!”, dedicated to a dog named Doug.
  • Animated series “Cars“(Cars) – there is even nothing to add.
  • Animated series “Baymax!“(Baymax!) – another spin-off of the cartoon “City of Heroes”.
  • Animated series “Zootopia +“(Zootopia +) – continuation of “Zootopia”, in which the emphasis will be on the stories of minor characters.
  • Animated series “Moana“(Moana) is a spin-off of the cartoon of the same name.
  • Animated series “Tiana“(Tiana) – spin-off of the cartoon “The Princess and the Frog”.
  • Animated series Iwájú is an experimental sci-fi project Disney Animation, which is being created in collaboration with the pan-African company Kugali.

Disney also unveiled the first cartoon trailer Encanto, dedicated to a Hispanic girl.

Separately head of the company Bob Chapek mentioned the Pixar cartoon “Raya and the last dragon“due in March in theaters and on Disney + (surcharge). The results will determine the future of premium streaming.

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