The Battlefront 2 issue and the other novelties in What’s Up November 12-18

News of the week
We open with the earthquake that surrounded Star Wars: Battlefront II , with users who heavily attacked EA because it would try to


push the microtransmissions into online gaming. Unlocking some of the most iconic characters, in fact, would require a lot of hours of ga


ming and a lot of grinding , which made the users subtlety, which they felt virtually scratched. EA has assured that the balance of the game is not carved in the stone and had already made some chan


gesto ensure that there are no goals that may seem unreachable to the public. The dust is, however, far off, to the point that Friday has come to a definitive break, with the suspension of microtransfers , which will only be available when the balances are complet


ed, at a date to come. For now, gamers rejoice and think the change in EA racing a win: thanks to their protests, the publisher has come back on


his footsteps. Now let’s see what will happen when the microtransformations, revised and corrected, will come back to be seen inside the game.
Meanwhile, the co


mpany’s CFO, Blake Jorgensen, spoke incredibly sincerely , saying that persistent online gaming services provide the largest revenue streams. I


n short, it is difficult to think that this trend can be reversed definitively. The manager made the example of subscription services EA


Access and Origin Access, which at relatively low prices allow users to access a games library where users can then spend money on microtransfers.


Here, therefore, the revenue for EA can be decisively important, and here the economy of the new era of videogame is relying less and less on new releases and more and more on the experiences that can involve, last, and spend in time.

Of the same same opinion, Take-Two , a giant 2K owner, Rockstar and BioWare, told his investors that all of his future video games will includ


e microtransmissions . Despite the controversy surrounding NBA 2K18, in short, the US company has very clear ideas on how to improve its revenue. We are now looking forward to discovering how microtransmissions will be i


ncluded in its upcoming works, such as the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption .
It has completely different mone


tization plans, instead, Focus Home Interactive, who has said that its Vampyr  will not have DLC after its launch : if it succeeds in gaining success, sell


ing at least one million copies, in fact, the company counts to engage Dontnod in the pursuit of a follow-up. We will see what the public’s response will be and whether there will actually be space for a sequel to the expected vampire title.


We are discussing the debut of Xbox One X , which has recorded very important numbers in the United Kingdom: we are talking ab


out 80,000 units placed in the first days of the launch , while PS4 Pro, in the same market, came to 50,000 throughout the first month . H


ard to succeed in Japan, even for the enhanced console: Xbox One X has sold little more than 1,300 units in its first week , indicating that it will hardly be able to carve out a slice of significant users in the Sol


Levante . Overall, however, Microsoft is very excited about the launch of its console and has made it clear that sales are going very well in the rest of Europe and North America, not just in the United Kingdom. We will now see that numbers will register with the app


roximation of Christmas.
Space, a week, also with rumors: According to a source , in fact, at PlayStation Experience we could watch the announcements of Soul Calibur VI


, which would also come out on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and Devil May Cry 5 , which would be protagonists, Da


nte , Vergil and Black, all together. The rumors have also dimmed on Switch , with the source reporting that in January we should have a Direct Metroid


Prime 4 theme , Blizzard would be ready to bring Hearthstone  to the console and is in the process of porting Dragon Ball FighterZ . As always, to the contrary, these are only voices in the corridor, so we invite you to treat them as such.

With regard to rumors and Nintendo, we point out that there was an imminent agreement between Nintendo  and Universal  fo


r a new animation film dedicated to Mario . We are currently awaiting the official announcement, but Nintendo has refused to provide any comment on the matter. Let us be careful of any new developments to report to you.


We also talk about Hitman , who despite the skepticism in his time raised by his episodes output has put together 7 million players . IO Interactive, now independent, has expressed his satisfaction, but also had to let people know that in order to keep the intellectual proper


ty of Hitman  and his Freedom Fighters , had to leave in the hands of Square-Enix Mini-Ninjas  and Kane & Lynch . At this point, we look forward to discovering whether the well-known Japanese publisher will d


ecide whether or not to use those brands that now belong to it in the future. In any case, Agent 47is about to become the protagonist of a TV show coming out on th


e Hulu platform and will be signed by John Wick’s author . For now we do not know more details and we hope to find out soon if and when the series will be located for Italy.


In the midst of this, CD Projekt RED  boys from Poland again responded to fans worried about the absence of novelties on Cyberpunk 2077 , inviting them not to believe any indiscretion to read around and to be patient because they are in great things come. Resist the rumors of a troubled development, with the team who only knows that he has taken all the ti


me to make the game according to his vision. We look forward to discovering whether they can replicate the success of their award-winning The Witcher 3 .

About award-winning and award-winning games, we remind you that week -end candidates were announced for the final victory in all categories of


The Game Awards 2017 . The ceremony will take place next December 7th and among the candidates for the game


of the year there are Super Mario Odyssey , The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds , Horizon: Zero Dawn  and Person 5 . There are six nominations for Super Mario Odyssey  and Breath of the Wild in the different categories,


while Horizon: Zero Dawn  stops at five. Also named in two categories is ItalianMario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle . As always, SpazioGames  will follow the live event, so stay on our pages to find out who will win the statues.



Reviews of the week
We are not sure whether we have any reviews or reviews: let’s just open with Star Wars: Battlefront 2 , which puts the loot box aside a


side from experience in the Star Wars universe  , with a screaming chart and a very intriguing narrative, albeit very short, in


the countryside. Overall, the experience we liked (Voting 8.5) . Find out here the campaign review , while here you find that of the multiplayer .

Review time also for Pokémon Ultrasole and Pokémon Ultraluna , which offers the audience with lots of additional content, with an abu


ndant supply of fanservice and a welcome finish to a gameplay that was already great before. On the other hand, be aware that, of course, so much material is covered by the previous Sun and Moon  ( v . 8.5) .

Week of important reviews even on Nintendo Switch , which saw the landing of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim : Bethesda the giant


role-playing game is a work triumphant in your pocket, huge and charming, although obviously gives way to some graphic compromise (especially in handheld mode) and could do without the use of motion control (Voting 8.0) .


I also voted fo


r LA Noire  in Switch format, really unique on the go  and able to spit personality from all the pores, even six years after the original release. Better to play in handheld format than in TV mode, however, due to some aesthetic compromise too  (Score 8.0).


It is also great to land Team Bondi’s game on PS4 and Xbox One , where it keeps its atmosphere intact and expressive even if it is bare a


nd remains a 2011 title (Score 8.0) .
For a complete list of reviews, please refer to the dedicated section .