The authors of Surviving Mars talked about the free content Below and Beyond – Igromania

Recently the publishing house Paradox Interactive talked about the first addition to Surviving Marsthe studio is working on Abstraction Games… And now I decided to explain what new will appear in the game for those who do not buy the future add-on.

For all players, we have prepared improvements that will help them better cope with their colony. In particular, now it will be possible to quickly find places of leaks in cables and pipes, as well as more accurately place buildings on the territory, depending on the dustiness.

Players will now be able to change the order of the tech tree, set the policy of limiting the birth rate, and also assign the resources needed for replenishment. Improved education and medicine, as well as smart neighborhoods. In addition, you can now name your colony.

A new building will appear in the game, the Amphitheater. In it, the colonists will be able to relax and unwind after a hard day. It caters to the needs of luxury colonists early in the game.

Below and Beyond will be released on September 7th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Expansion will be released on the same day Mars Lifestyle Radiowhich adds 16 new music tracks by four musicians.

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