The authors of Iron Harvest showed a new gameplay trailer dieselpunk strategy

Publishing house Deep silver and studio King art games introduced a new gameplay strategy trailer Iron harvestscheduled for release September 1, 2023 years on Playstation 4, Xbox one and PC. In the video, the authors also summed up their activities over the past twelve months, mentioning a performance at various exhibitions, where the project received a number of awards.

Events Iron Harvest unfold in an alternative diesel-punk universe 1920+created by the Polish artist Jakub Rosalski. He invented a setting for an alternative post-war world at the beginning of the 20th century that is distinguished by giant steam bellows that have become part of the daily life of mankind. In the game world, people are divided into three powerful factions, each of which is fighting for its own influence, while the hidden forces are working to destabilize Europe, preparing to lead society to a new war and seize power.

The project will offer gamers an extensive campaign with three factions and 20 different missions, a cooperative passing mode, multiplayer, an individually customizable interface and control, as well as regular updates and a lot of free content after the release.

Prior to the release of Iron Harvest, beta testing will take place. You can familiarize yourself with our first impressions of the game here..

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