That the time has come to change formula?

 As always, therefore, this addition is designed exclusively for those on Call of Duty still spend the days and can hardly stimulate any curiosity to those who have already abandoned the title for a few months. Let’s see together what are the best contents of the package and which ones could be made with more attention.

Three new maps, a remake and a new zombie map are no longer enough


Continuum does not offer any particularly exciting maps but at least three out of four of those present are quite nice to play. The structure of Turista is simple although not symmetrical: three huge main corridors guide the flow of players for clashes that often resolve on the short distance, while not denying some positions from which to take the enemies in the distance. 


The map therefore offers a good variety of situations, but the fun is sunk by insufficiently respawned respawn points and an exaggerated size, even for those who usually use wallrun and double jumps frequently.

That the time has come to change formula?
That the time has come to change formula?

Rust instead we did not feel frankly and find it in this package under the name of Excess certainly did not make us jump for joy. Excess is a square map of rather small size, the central tower dominates the whole area and is the focus of the fighting, the area where players pile up to get some easy killing.


It is also the only area from which snipers can dominate the underlying area substantially to three hundred and sixty degrees, making the ground level a real hell. The fact of not having practically any under which to hide makes the ambushes very easy, especially now that the soldiers can perform double jumps and wallrun in total freedom. Speaking of wall racing,


Infinity Ward seems to have greatly reduced mobility on these maps, limiting the surfaces on which you can move freely, a curious choice that a little ‘betrays the soul of Infinite Warfare instead giving a slightly less frenetic experience than in the past. Scrap, on the other hand, changes the type of approach substantially. From the total opening of Excess you go to have only two lines in an elliptical map, where the frontal collisions on the medium and long range are the master.


There are excellent places to lurk but also different covers made from the quartered containers to protect and cut the playing area in two, for a balanced and rather pleasant to play map.


Even the setting, a lunar base with the earth as a background is not bad at all, and to give it greater charisma so as to make it memorable, or at least try, think of a mega magnet placed right in the middle of the hottest area that basically reverses gravity allowing you to fight upside down or perform unpredictable actions. For us, the best location of the whole package.


Finally we close with Archive that instead wants to represent the usual map with narrow and narrow spaces, designed for those who love fast fire fighting, mainly based on reflexes. The outdoor areas are scarce and all is played inside a nest of rooms and warehouses where shooting lines are often disturbed by works of art or strange ornamental objects, including a huge shark emerging from the floor.


Four maps therefore that do not upset the way of playing this Call of Duty but that, at least qualitatively, beat those presented in the previous package.