Terry Gilliam on #MeToo: “Tired of being accused of white men for everything that’s wrong with this world”

Producer Terry Gilliam commented on the situation in Hollywood, speaking out against the “witch hunt”, the victims of which were white men. In an interview The independent, which was given in connection with the release of the long-suffering film-long-term construction “The man who killed Don Quixote“(in Russia, the release took place in 2018, but in the UK the tape will be released in January 2023), the director spoke sharply about the movement #MeToo.

Describing his work, Gilliam did not agree with the idea that it was dedicated to the idea of ​​a clash of old-fashioned ideals of masculinity with modern ideas about them. According to a former member, “Monty Python“, they constantly try to prove to him that in the modern world there is no place left not only for masculinity, but also for the male point of view on things.

Gilliam expressed his position on what is happening through the character Angelica which played Joana Ribeiro. According to the plot, at the age of 15 she starred in the film of the protagonist named Toby (Adam driver), who told the girl that she would become a star. Attempts to justify his predictions failed, so Angelica became a model and works as an escort. However, she does not shift responsibility for her failures to others, as is happening now in the era of #MeToo.

“I want people to take responsibility, and not just constantly poke a finger at someone else, saying:” You ruined my life, “Terry Gilliam explained.

The director added that he hates Harvey Weinsteinwith whom he had to work somehow. However, it is impossible to project the producer’s sins on other men and unleash a “witch hunt”. While working on the movie “The King Fisherman”, two women were producers. One of them was a competent specialist, but the other was a neurotic female.

“This is not about gender. It’s about power and how people use it,” he explained.

The director also added that he considers it wrong when you can’t even make a joke about the fact that women bring charges against men.

“I really think that there were a lot of people, decent or slightly annoying people who accidentally fell under the distribution. This is wrong. I don’t like this mafia mentality,” he added.

According to Gilliam’s recollections, a famous actress came up to him one day and declared: “What should I do to get into your film, Terry?” The director stopped flirting, but Hollywood is full of such stories when the situation developed further.

Another of his acquaintances, the actress, told how she rejected the courtship of an influential person, but for less significant artists such a refusal led to obstacles in her career.

“I understand that men had more power, but I’m tired, like a white man, from being accused of everything that’s wrong with this world,” he stressed.

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