“Terrible Place”: Google Closes Its AAA Game Studios for Stadia, Jade Raymond Quits

Launching Cloud Gaming Platform Stadia, Google urged gamers to abandon consoles and promised to surprise the world with its own massive AAA exclusives from industry veterans for several years, but something went wrong. According to the portal Kotaku, the management decided to drastically change the strategy.

  • Two Google game studios formed in Montreal and Los Angeles to create AAA exclusives for Stadia will be closed… This move will affect about 150 specialists. The company is allegedly trying to help them find employment in its other divisions.
  • All Google games that were supposed to appear after 2023, canceled… Whether the company will release anything on the platform this year is unknown.
  • Stadia will continue to work as before – it won’t shut down or shut down… Users can subscribe to Stadia Pro and purchase individual games from the digital store at full price.
  • Google does not exclude that in the future it will negotiate with third-party developers about exclusives for its cloud platform, but the abandonment of its own production of games actually crosses it out of full-fledged competitors to traditional console manufacturers
  • In parallel, Google will begin offering its cloud technology built for Stadia to simple publishers (similar to Microsoft’s Azure). This will be done by a new department led by an industry veteran Phil Harrison, who previously worked at Sony and Microsoft. He was the face of Stadia initially.
  • One of Kotaku’s interlocutors from an unnamed closed studio called Google “a terrible place to develop games”… While Stadia’s gaming team, formed of professionals, was determined to be determined, the platform quickly lost support within the company, leading to today’s news.

Google Stadia did not have time to start in Russia

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