Tell me who you are!

After having tried it thoroughly, however, I’m pretty confident in declaring that anyone knows 1) getting a selfie 2) making a touch on a smartphone 3) drawing on a screen, having access to the game without any problem, being a pre-teenager or an ultra-seventy-year-old still pimping. Just start downloading the app for iOS and Android, and then connect to the same Wi-Fi that PlayStation 4 is connected to, which can also be set as a hotspot if the connection and / or router does not hold the load of multiple pairing devices.
The game is basically a quiz with various response modes.


Questions are always asked about the habits, the way to do and think about the participants. We talk about reactions to a shock, what a friend would do for a fun park, but also more interesting and intimate things like those among your friends would love to have a stalker. Understand that the basic requirement, as well as the very one, to enjoy Tell Me About You! is to be deeply self-aggrieved.

Although we have the ability to apply a filter to remove the most pruriginous questions, who offends or may feel the opinions that others give about themselves, may not find relaxing the evening.

To make you understand, in a game I found out that my friends (some might not have been since then, but they do not know it) believe that I am a maniac of control, imbranato with women, and that one minute after midnight New Year I get anxiety for the new year’s plans that I will not respect. It’s your turn! The game is divided into five rounds, each of which will deal with a generic theme and a sub theme. Love in its facets, life in the open air, life in the home, and so on. Each turn of play includes a series of questions, some with generic response, while others will concern a single participant

Tell me who you are!

. Each player takes points for each other player who has responded to him (in the second case, the player “protagonist” votes) and, if he feels impetuous, he can apply a dark jolly to double the points taken. If he is the only one to answer that, he does not do anything. But in Tell Me Who You Are! you can not answer only by choosing a name, it may happen that you have to draw the plate that Tizio would like to always find on the table, or create a more similar design to Caio starting as a basis, I know, from the Sphinx.

Among the various answer modes there is the possibility of completing sentences, or drawing on one’s selfie or that of another player. Each game is always different and, with a thousand questions, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to attend repetitions.In addition, the game involves inserting new questions through its smartphone, with the appropriate application.

At the end of the five rounds there is a final ever-identical test, which is the thing that has more fun than me and my group. An idea so successful that, through the application, Wish Studio decided to allow it to play outside of the game for PS4 (even with only one device).

The minigolf is called “Passalo”, and it starts with a selfie theme, for example with a mumble face. At that point, each other player will receive another selfie of thirds on their device, starting to draw on following a theme, for example: it becomes a zombie. Once a few laps have been completed, the selfies become public, but only in the end everyone gets their initial photograph scanned by everyone else. It then happens to take a photo with her dicked face, and then be transformed into a woodcutter for example.

Tell me who you are!

For everyone and everyone
Before starting to play I honestly believed that Tell me Who You are!it was a hasty product made to clap some ignorant players, but Wish Studio made a lot of effort to pack a solid and original party game. The smartphone application in particular is very well done, with a cure for the details I did not expect.

At the beginning of the game you choose the back of a card (also in this case, customizable with new app designs), and on the other side you must snap a selfie with a set of available filters that distort the image, which can be edited at any time with the current game. It’s a shame that you can not save the selfies that are taken in this way, especially those that are then drawn by others, but I understand the difficulties at the technical level.