Tekken X Street Fighter was not canceled, just frozen – Igromania

Yesterday we reported that the company Bandai Namco Gamesafter spending eleven years developing Tekken x street fighter, decided to cancel the second crossover franchises Tekken and Street fighter… But, as it turned out, not everything is so bad: the project has not been completely closed.
As the producer of the Tekken series Katsuhiro Harada explained, mistakes in translation from Japanese to English are to blame. When talking about Tekken X Street Fighter, he used expressions closer to “shelved” or “paused” than “canceled” or “closed”.

The game is indeed 30% complete, and the team still hopes that one day there will be an opportunity to resume development. However, the chances of this are not so great, because in addition to Bandai Namco, the crossover is involved Capcom, which at one time released Street fighter x tekken… And any transfers will affect the marketing, branding, and resources of both parties.

Harada admitted that this is not the first time that his words are misunderstood and translated, and he himself is not able to check all the subtitles.

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