Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is inverted into fifteen chapters of history, all packaged in such a way that you can experience a focal and some contour clash, all of which are focused on providing an additional segment to the story stories that reside exactly where Tekken 6was over. Jin is still dispersed in the Middle East and the war between Mishima Zaibatsu and the G-Corporation is at its highest.

The Japanese colossus, however, in the absence of its leader slowly starts to lose blows, until Heihachi’s intervention, immediately resting on the reins of Zaibatsu, does not recover the original set. The whole story is told by an Omodiegetic reporter, whose family was killed during one of the clashes caused by the war launched by Jin, who is identified as the main actor of the chaos in which the current world rushes.

The choice is fascinating and pleasing, because the reporter manages to always maintain super partes, with a face covered and involved only enough to get to know the truth. Despite this, from a narrative point of view,Tekken, on the other hand, it has always been this, based on a strong fundamental irreverence and anxiety.

The plot is in any case complete, with no narrative holes and with a total participation by most of the roster, excluding some of the old fighters, for whom you will have to settle for stand alone episodes. For each of them there will be a brief written introduction that will precede a single decisive confrontation, which usually recalls one of the main elements of the fighter in itself.

This is the case, for example, of Paul, who will again be on the ring at wait for his dreaded opponent Kuma, except for receiving an unexpected surprise this time. Obviously all the characters will have space to cover the absence of the main plot, which meanwhile, however, lets you provide variations on the subject we talked about during our first hands on: moments from TPS with Lars, special fights that simulate a survival mode, or special conditions in which you will find yourself with little energy to counter the opponent in turn, or basic QTEs to save the skin.

A dynamism that will lead you to experience a daughter’s experience of a higher level of challenge than the average: the opponents ofTekken 7 is able to defend itself well and from the normal difficulty, the intermediate one, will know how to use their lower and upper limbs.

The game over is around the corner, but do not let it down, because losing means improving and learning. You will have a simplification made by a system of automated moves, thought for the novice player, who wants to appreciate the dynamism of theTekken comboeven though not knowing how to concatenate it best, but only limited to single player mode.

In fact, the story of Tekken 7 is full of content, variety and above all it maintains that unmistakable style that has distinguished the saga over these twenty and many years, giving us an experience of about four hours long with so many movies and as many fights.

The world in singles After the story mode, we find ourselves in front of the possibilities Namco’s beaten-up gives us. Getting rid of Injustice 2’s experience was almost overwhelming to wait for a variety in the offer that might equate what NetherRealm proposed, but here the trend is definitely different. First of all, the personalization of the characters in Tekken

Tekken 7

is aesthetically exclusive and represents a customization-driven play that does not make any changes to the battle system: no Gear System, in short, no change and no modification that can bring Jin to overcome Kazuya’s competition with a particular object.

In any case, Harada thought of a Treasury mode that would allow the player to win a certain set of battles, unlock the chests within which to find coins and other items with which to personalize not only your fighters, but also your player card.

We are honest: it did not seem to be something to lose too much time, unless you are customizing maniacs and do not want to bring in an online competition – as we have come to expect – a Jin with red leather jacket and colored ridge of green.