DiRT Rally

“I’m in the goal, if I had gone all the way I would not be here” Colin McRae

Day of the Tentacle Remastered

The British developer Codemasters has been responsible for a development that has been far from the usual standards. Initially, the

Dark Souls 3


video game was released on April 27, 2015 for PC (in its Early Access version)) with the aim of involving the community in the development of the title, something that has worked very well in the driving video games that have opted for this modality. After several months of testing and constant updates, DiRT Rally finally came out in a digital

version for PC on December 7, 2015. But there was still a promise to be made, the release of the title on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Next April 5 , almost a year after its beginnings in Early Access and with an excellent version of PC, the console version finally arrives and it is time to discover if DiRT Rally is really in its discipline the new king of the simulation.

Fantastic simulation
Something that DiRT Rally makes very clear just after taking the wheel, is that we are facing a rally simulator that does not forgive any error. Forget the arcade controls, help to correct faults, clone cars, easy tracings, unrealistic physics or extreme piloting

without releasing the accelerator, in DiRT Rally we must be careful, know very well the tracings and our cars and especially Make a fine piloting and head

if we do not want to finish off the track at the first change. For this same reason, although the command offers excellent control, my advice for the purists is to enjoy this careful simulation with a compatible steering wheel.


Regarding the control of the vehicles, we found a meticulous work to offer the maximum realism to the players. The first thing that draws attention is the technical care with which all of them have been recreated. Each car shows unique characteristics in its control and


elements such as traction, weight or configuration will significantly influence its handling. Obviously, the electronic aids that the cars have been acquiring over the years will also influence, finding us with ungovernable beasts of the 80s and sophisticated racing vehicles at the present time.

DiRT Rally (PS4) screenshot

The perfect recreation of physics is another of the strengths of DiRT Rally. In CodemastersThey have put a lot of interest in simulating to perfection the different surfaces that we will find in the rallies. In total there are four: asphalt, snow,


dirt and gravel, which also have small variations in each of them according to the conditions of the different sections. Due to this factor it will not be uncommon to find ice on the asphalt, sand on the ground or puddles in the mud areas.


The most impressive thing about this section is that each surface feels alive when we drive and we can notice with precision how the car’s feel changes on the layout. For all this we must be very good to adapt perfectly to that symbiosis between different


vehicles and tracks. The best we can do to improve is to add kilometers, the problem? That like any good pilot of the discipline, accidents sometimes happen.

The collision engine that Codemasters has created for this video game deserves special mention. Every slight impact with the environment is very


well recreated and has its impact on the vehicle. Wheels that are punctured, mechanical elements that start to fail, broken headlights and in short, endless mechanical problems that we will have to deal with. In addition,


DiRT Rallyhe continues to demonstrate his high level of demand and does not offer any kind of help to the player. If we suffer a runway exit we will have 15 seconds to return or choose to automatically place ourselves on the track with the corresponding time


penalty. In case of suffering a very serious breakdown, we can choose to try to finish the rally with a half destroyed car or to


fix the essential parts, but not before suffering another terrible sanction of time. Once the test is over we can use the time established to repair the different


parts of the car and thus be able to return with all the guarantees. Finally, it should be noted that the rival AI is very demanding and, although in the Rallycross races something aggressive is shown