Tekken 7

Puppy lovers often had to suffer a lot to see a title of this kind that worked perfectly, with no problems related to optimization or the netcode dancer.
Between a problematic Street Fighter 5 and other illustrious exponents who – and consequently disillusioned the crowd of enthusiasts – were able to put hopes on Tekken 7 , hoping that Harada’s creature could fill this gap and force it up and the bullying that distinguishes the wrestlers of the steel punch tournament. Despite the fact that the situation is significantly better for PCs, we must say that in recent years we have never seen anything comparable to the sumptuous work done with Tekken 7 .
The Master Race of the Iron Fist Tournament 7
We say it without too much spin of words: PC users can finally rejoice. Tekken 7 is a great conversion that has nothing to do with the poorly managed ones that we’ve seen so far so far. Without making a mistake to anyone, it is necessary to state that Tekken 7 on PC is without doubt the best version available on the market today. 
Already since the launch weekend, which on other occasions was used to disasters and rather limiting issues, this seventh chapter proved to be immediately accessible, with very rare moments when you have to wait a few more to put your hands online.
The netcode is, in fact, optimal, slim and snappy. Given the speed of matches, you may lose connection with your opponent in the selection menu, but only because in the meantime he has already entered the game before we sent our request. For other cases, it is nothing but a patch that can not be set in rather short times, and Harada has said that there will be changes in matchtmaking that will eliminate the annoying expectations. Disconnections during the matches are, however, very rare, and during our long test week, with over twenty hours of activity, it only happened once.
The most important aspect ofTekken 7 , which will open a window in the competition, is therefore very well cared for and starts from a good base. Moreover, it has to be said that we have never come across obvious input latencies, which as you all know will be fundamental at higher levels. Of course, if you do not have a granite connection or if your opponent does not have it, occasionally there may be disadvantages, momentary blocks, or moments when there are some stuttering.
To avoid such problems, you can filter your opponents with the best connection and face, if you want, your peers to be able to climb online rankings in classified games or earn last-game tournament credits.
Tekken 7
Steel performance
The present options provide a good scalability and considering the recommended requirements are not at all exaggerated, you can maintain a high and stable number of frames per second even with midrange configurations.
We’ve also tried it with a PC that assembles an i7, 16 GB Ram and a GTX 780 OC, verifying that there’s never any hesitation even setting it all in ultra and full HD. In 2K and 4K, working on the options, the “worst” we could see was 30 fps stable and without any kind of temptation.
The option that allows you to rely on dynamic modification, in this sense, is certainly a great choice. Among other things, we find V-Sync, the ability to manage rendering proportions, high or low alien aliasing, shadow setting, texture quality, effect quality, and post-processing. The game can also measure / show FPSs (beyond the setting on Steam) to always control the gameplay in real time.
Tekken 7’s scalability is really great: you can play it in silence even on “old” PCs, obviously sacrificing the graphic aspect that will give you a more blurred image without undermining the fun. Tekken 7  on PC is ultimately a flush version that deserves all your attention, the best for those who do not want to give up the new chapter.