Techland Tizerite Resurrecting Hellraid Slasher as DLC for Dying Light

Polish studio Techland introduced a teaser for a new update for Dying lightwhich release will take place already in the summer of 2023. It is subtitled Hellraid, and the players first heard about him about eight to nine years ago.

Details have not yet been disclosed, but it can be assumed that the game of the same name by the Polish studio, which was officially announced back in 2013 and grew from an experimental modification to Dead island. Judging by the teaser, gamers will be able to access the new mode through the arcade terminal, which will appear inside the world of Dying Light.

According to the original idea, Hellraid is a cooperative first-person slasher in which a group of players must destroy crowds of undead in the aesthetics of the Middle Ages. As a result, only a prequel for smartphones got to the release Hellraid: The Escape.

Note that now the main forces of Techland are thrown to the development Dying light 2. At the same time, it is not a novelty for the studio to cancel projects: at one time, the development of a shooter was quietly curtailed Chrome 2, which was positioned as a response to Crysis and Far cry.

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