Tearaway Unfolded

Well me burst? 

As of LittleBigPlanet , tearaway unfolded his best shows how it is bright and fabulous; if you’re lucky and you will not feel like an idiot, you’ll be able to really go back to childhood. Willfully voices of children’s circus clowns storytellers lead you around the world composed entirely of origami.

Despite the apparently inanimate origin, everything around looks amazing live: proteins are moved jump and nuts, water splashing small drops of paper, and all the characters are actively discussing the hole in the sky (at the same time and your face that could be seen from there). Describe the visual style may be a few paragraphs; made of paper world is bright, lively and interesting. With the transition to PS4 to increase the resolution, frame rate, view distance and improved texture.

If LittleBigPlanet creativity was purely optional and almost had nothing to do with the gameplay, then Tearaway Unfolded constantly makes something to cut, paste and otherwise change the game world. First squirrel king asks him to draw a crown, and then places it on all the boards until the end of the passage. Then we propose to make butterfly wings (at me they have turned out rather infernal flies) or draw snowflakes.

To create in all forms have permanently and forcibly, this does not wriggle. The game will not go on until you have developed a new design of a deer or draw yourself mittens for winter levels.

Sometimes worse wriggle on PlayStation Camera, picture a roar into the microphone, creating an echo or scare away crows. According to the authors all should be cute and charming, but no one bothers to make a real art-terrorism: my only bogey screamed obscenities and snowflakes looked like … well, let’s not go into details.

Tearaway Unfolded game review

Paper and paper, but the visual diversity you will be surprised not just once or twice.

Do allow all the technical bells and whistles that you have: cut will help the tablet or phone with PlayStation App (if you install it laziness, you will have to suffer, drawing on the meager touchpad controller), on the phone you can take pictures of themselves and place in the game.

There are other entertainment. For example, sometimes the world come across things without texture, and they need to take a picture of the game camera.

Take a picture of not less carefully than in your personal “instagram”: filters, selfie-stick or even in .gif format. Then all this stuff can be placed on a special website, social network .

On the management methods, we will talk, but in its essence a game arcade platformer with light interspersed with puzzles, where the main stimulus to the study of the world are the points (confetti). Passing level, you open up new possibilities of the hero (jump, roll up into a ball) and get acquainted with the new environment elements. Locations range from the narrow corridors to large ecosystems.

The story of the dead letter as far as passing is unwound further and further – fantastic mood is replaced by science-fiction tone, then turns into a mystical epic, and ends trip to the best traditions of Castaneda . With the advent of the PS4 great little game has grown – some sections are much larger and closer to the end appear entirely new levels.


But the details of the story and objectives are secondary to the drawing – here we primarily platformer and then “creative workshop”. Original designed for the Vita, was completely focused on the possibilities of the console: hence your face in the sky (the game always remember that you like from above), hence the painting, which was realized on the touch screen of the console and so absurdly moved on the touchpad.

Tearaway Unfolded game review

«Praise the Gamepad!»

The first input means, which introduces the game – a light indicator controller. Clamping the right trigger, you are sending a ray into the virtual world: light up the area if it is dark, burned candles, hypnotize enemies – they run after the beam, falling off a cliff. In this game gamepad movements tracked.

After a while, the Messenger will learn to jump, roll up into a ball, and you – to regulate the wind flows by sliding your finger on the touchpad. This means that enemies can blow away, like most objects paper world. Trampolines at levels replaced with drums (front touchpad replaces back on Vita). Finally, the character can throw anything at the screen, and you “with his hand” – aim and throw back: give the ball, hit the target or enemy.

All this Tearaway Unfolded He trains so slow and lazy that the first four hours you feel strange, like a normal jump will present a special opportunity only on the second level. The game did not bother with the desire to be at least as something interesting, pretending to be creative with the methods of control will replace a good game design.

But by the middle of the complexity of making a good step forward. Begin exclusive levels, which were not in the original, and with them to the fullest use gyroscope and all possible combinations of actions. Only here you play becomes as interesting, challenging and fun as in the LBP . It is a pity it lasts long.