The Final Fantasy VII demo remake will have seven scenarios … whatever it is – review

Though Square enix still not announced remake demo Final Fantasy VII, we know that it will be released very soon – the project client has already been added to the PlayStation Store.
Someone managed to download the demo image from the Spanish PS Store, and the enthusiast began to delve into the files.

Firstly, the sampler will contain all the languages ​​declared for the full version of the game, that is, as expected, there will be no Russian there or there. Remake voiced in Japanese, English, German and French, and subtitles will also be in Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Korean.

Secondly, in the demo there will be seven certain scenarios: it is not yet clear what it is. Perhaps either cutscenes, or levels, or something else. But, apparently, a large volume probe awaits us.

Update. A 4-minute intro demo appeared on the net.

The first part of the remake of Final Fantasy VII is released on March 3 only on the PS4. Temporary exclusivity will end exactly one year after release.