Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943

The tough first steps
Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 is a profoundly deep and complex strategist who is likely to throw the sponge to the less savvy player to spend hours and hours learning each single command. Unfortunately, Graviteam has fallen into the most typical of the mistakes, has done nothing to come to a minimum encounter with the user and is likely to cut off a good slice of the audience, mainly because of a difficult tutorial to justify.
The latter embraces more or less every single section of the game, theoretically instructs the player how to start a fast battle, how to behave during shifts, how to act when going down the battlefield and how to embed a strategy based on M4 Sherman, but practice is very different from the theory. For an absurd reason, the classic instructions that pass on the screen – of course all in English – and which explain each thread and sign each single button of the embedded UI, can not be stopped and read in a calm manner.
If you distract yourself for a moment, your business, you will begin to start over the whole tutorial, otherwise you will never know what that button is in the left corner of the screen, and perhaps how to make the first line reinforcements.Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 simply repeating the notebook tutorial to the hand, but I also had to write a review, while the average player only risks leaving the field at an early stage.
The trick is, however: if you have already had some other Graviteam titles, you will find yourself at ease, not so much because we are prepared for a rather claustrophobic interface, but just because the interfaces, menus and controls are exactly the same ones seen in Graviteam Tactics: Mius-Front . For those who own Mius-Front, Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 will equate to a full expansion , with new maps and new media, but still an expansion of nearly 45 euros.
Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943
After the ascent, it is all descent
It is a pity that Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 starts with the wrong foot while trying to understand something between instructions, supply lines and assaults, I repeated that a strategic should combine both depth and accessibility and the Graviteam title accessible he does not even have the options menu, squared and arranged very naïve.
But just as I shook my head in front of the many mistakes made by the Ukrainian team, I did not realize that my ego was undergoing a metamorphosis, self-confident that he was a new General Patton.
If you are willing to live with a heavy weight that grips every section of the game and with intricate and hermetic interfaces and menus, Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943returns one of the most realistic and profound strategic gameplay experiences of the whole landscape . Additionally, among the tangle of voices in the options menu, it is worthwhile to set the level of simulation that, if set to arcade, limits the parameters to keep an eye on, an excellent starting point to get acquainted with Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 .
The main scope of the game is the two singleplayer campaigns – there would be a third one but it is only an introduction – but they embrace a single scenario, namely the battle that took place in the winter of 1943 at Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia , playable using either Allied or Axis forces.
 The countryside structure remembers the distant Total War, with the shift strategy that leaves room for real-time battles when two armies are in the same area. Comparison with the Creative Assembly strategy is to be taken with the pincers, because in Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 is completely absent the management component. The title developed by Graviteam is in fact a wargame hard and pure, nothing is built, there are no technologies to look for nor troops to enlist.