Tales of – original series of classic JRPG, able to compete in a number of major issues, even with Final Fantasy.Since the days of Tales of Phantasia on the Super Famicom, and to this day, these games can be accurately identified by the anime-style battle system rialtaymovoy and permanent music composer Motoi Sakuraba.

Despite this, each part is trying to bring in a formula something fresh and original, whether the combat mechanics or the details of the setting.

In contrast, the same from any Dragon Quest, the classical foundations of the series are stored here without sacrificing the convenience of communicating with the game.

So, regardless of whether you have to taste another legend or not, you can be sure to get bored just do not have the monotony.

Berseria trying to turn on its head the traditional story of a handful of heroes who save the world. Successfully it is obtained or not – a moot point, but the essence of this attempt is that the main character, Velvet Woman, a fighter for good and justice can not be called (at least initially).

To blame for the tragedy had happened to her, during which she experienced the death of a loved one and betrayed by the other. Scarlet Night, during which people began to turn into monsters, and touched her.

Now she – demon, for the most part preserved human traits, with her left hand, not only transformed into a huge beastly paw, but also allows it to devour the other demons. For three years she spends behind bars in prison on an island in the ocean, yet she did not seem to escape in case.

Since that time, the man who has taken away from it all, and she hates with all his heart, has become a real icon for the people, shepherd, carrying the light and goodness in the name of cleansing the world from the demonic disease.

Needless to say, that the mind of Velvet only malice and revenge, and she did not stop at nothing to achieve their goal?

At first glance, it seems that this is a complete change of roles recent Tales of Zestiria, distant prequel which Berseria is.

At the same detailed examination reveals that Velvet – no not a villain, and the overall structure of the game from the drastic change of the sides does not change much.

Contrary to his own words, she still will not kill anyone who gets in her way, terrorize and rob people.

All her aggression is directed strictly against the exorcists of the Order under the command of her worst enemy, and at the same time it will help to calm the suffering and regularly pay for goods in shops.


However, the game has been successful in the other – to capture the spirit of rogue commands, each of which, for whatever reasons, rejected society.

Most of them, really, not even people, well Ekzortsistka Eleanor, initially joining the squad against my will allow great to see how much can change over time, looking at the world.

Dialogues excellent written and voiced, as well as well presented, in the form of cutscenes and traditional show skit – interviews, followed by a succession of portraits of heroes with inventive animation.

It is interesting to observe how the characters are discussing not only the grandiose plans and momentous events, but also their own preferences, daily trivia and abstract things.

It is because of all this, the characters interesting to follow throughout the game, slowly getting to know them more and more,

The game world is an archipelago, and on each of its islands will visit an average of half a dozen locations. In addition to the settlements is mostly farmland, forests and caves, nothing particularly outstanding.

Initially have to walk on my own two feet, but closer to the middle of the tour will open access to certain “geodoske” like a flying skateboard from the second part of the “Back to the Future.

” You can use it to move much more rapidly, and to ignore the low-level enemies and jump over some precipice.

To use devaysa at each location must find a singular point, allowing the study of the same area can be dramatically different before and after the location thereof.

As for the rest, no difficulty navigation does not cause all the important places, chests and other attractions marked met on the minimap, and rare “puzzles” are hardly able to stop someone for a long time.

Disappointing only what is necessary to often go back to already visited the dungeon, but these things happen only in the middle of the game, and the teleportation system saves the day.

An additional incentive to a thorough study of the neighborhoods are small spheres – the soul, God forgive me, Kotegov (no matter how nasty the best analogue of the translation of the original words catz can hardly think of). Like bread crumbs, they are widely scattered in the caves, under the open sky, and even in the cities. In exchange for a certain number, you can open special chests Kawainui freeing feline narodtse, and every second of them will grant you some decorative objects. Much later, in postgeymovom Dangin, these souls will also be used as a currency for recreation and teleport to the exit, so that you can decide which is more important.