You can breathe out: the lost games with the previous price returned to the PlayStation Store
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The other day from Russian Playstation store disappeared a number of games. Users have sounded the alarm: what if this is due to price increases?
Available smartphones HONOR 9C, HONOR 9A and HONOR 9S were announced for the Russian market at a price of 6.990 rubles
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The brand Honor introduced a new range of smartphones HONOR 9 in the Russian market. May 4 HONOR 9C, HONOR 9A and HONOR 9S appear on sale in electronics stores.
The Last of Us: Part II – a special edition of the PlayStation 4 exclusive has risen in price in Russia, and the collection has fallen in price
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Score “1C Interest“announced the rise in price of a special edition of the adventure action movie”One of Us: Part II”
Price, exclusives, convenience – how to choose the right console?
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Choosing a console in 2020 is not an easy task, given the unstable dollar rate and the speedy release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. But what if you want
The price is surprising: Burnout Paradise Remastered page for Nintendo Switch appeared in eShop
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Running an action-packed racing game Burnout paradise from studio Criterion games held back in 2008 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.
“The price issue is critical”: Phil Spencer speaks out about the competition between the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5
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In the next console generation, which should begin at the end of this year, Microsoft will try to regain the positions lost in the present.
Name, colors, memory, price – 9to5Mac sources shared new information on the “budget” iPhone 2020
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The portal 9to5Macspecializing in news about Apple and its ecosystem, a reliable source was able to obtain new information about the latest entry-level
Sony delighted PS4 owners with the spring sale on the PS Store – hundreds of games have fallen in price
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Company Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the start of a big spring sale in Playstation store. Until April 30, the cost of 300+ projects was reduced
What is the price of Naughty Dog games for The Last of Us level? – review addiction
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News editor Kotaku Jason Schreyer has released another investigation: this time it is dedicated to the culture of crunch in Naughty dog and the human cost
Free Dying Light, Deadpool at Fortnite, CD Projekt has risen in price. Gaming news ALL IN for 21.02
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